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Name:  Peter Mills MICM

Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws, and admitted as a Solicitor in Australia and as a lawyer in Papua New Guinea

Current Position: Special Counsel

Employer: Thomson Geer Lawyers

How long at that company:  Since 2013

Credit/professional background: 30 years in the legal industry, specialising in the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA), insolvency and related laws for the last 12 years.

Portfolio:  Division President and previously Councillor for the Law & Legislation Portfolio

Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor:  To engage with and gain valuable knowledge and insight from industry leaders about the latest laws, technology and economic issues and trends affecting the credit industry both here and overseas.

Achievements with AICM (inc how much time on council): Undertaking a comprehensive review for, and making detailed submissions to government on behalf of, the AICM during the pre-commencement of the PPSA and the 2014/2015 government review of the PPSA.  

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM: Collegiality with wonderful people involving collaboration on AICM projects.  Also, continuously obtaining accurate and up to date knowledge on likely changes to the laws affecting creditors (including the PPSA), and so be able to best advise my clients on how to deal with these changes.

My passions aside from Credit/workFamily, Golf and snow skiing.

Contact details:  or +61 7 3338 7921

Name: Gregory Cecil Young (BA. LLB. JP. MICM. MQLS. CCE.)

Qualifications:  Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws, Justice of the Peace, Certified Credit Executive

Current Position:  Partner

Employer:  Forbes Dowling Lawyers

How long at that company: 2 years

Credit/professional background:  30 years in the legal industry specialising in credit.

Portfolio: Director of AICM

Achievements with AICM (inc how much time on council): Presented many papers at credit network nights and national conferences, past President QLD Branch of AICM, currently Director on the National Board. 

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM:  Experience in networking and enjoyment.

My passions aside from Credit/work:  Golf, surfing and family.

 Contact details:  Ph: 07 3025 3723     Email:

Qualifications: MICM

Position Title: Manager Collections and Receivables

Employer: The University of Queensland

How long at that employer: Almost 1 year. Returned after 10 years.  

Credit / Professional background:
·Over 25 years’ experience working as a Credit professional
Varied industry experience – education; health; agri; building and construction; forestry; automotive manufacturing; food processing

Portfolio: CCE and Professional Development

Why I volunteer on the AICM council / Goals as Council: As a proud member of the AICM, and having witnessed its growth and development over the last 15 years, I feel I may be able to contribute to its continuing success. Having developed strong networks within the Credit industry, there is an abundance of resource opportunities to draw upon to assist Qld Council achieve future goals.

Achievements with AICM: Member of the AICM for a period of 15 years.

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM: As I've just joined council I will update in the coming months. 

My passions aside from Credit / work: Keeping fit and healthy. Alternative therapies. Creative pursuits. Listening to music and reading. Future Goals – Travel extensively.

Contact details:

Qualifications: Diploma and CCE

Current Position: National Credit Consultant & BDM

Employer: Patane Lawyers

How long at that company: Two Years, October 2014

Credit/professional background: National Credit Manger
- 8 Years at Hyne Timber as their National Credit Manager
- 13 Years at Century Yuasa Batteries, 10 as their National Credit Manager and 3 as their National Operations Manager

Portfolio: Events

Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor: I enjoy contributing to a an institute I believe very strongly in and the challenge to be a part of its growth and working with the AICM through what I believe to be is a growth spurt.

Achievements with AICM (inc how much time on council): I have been a member for close to 20 years and a council member for almost 3 years.

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM: The networking and friendships built make it all worthwhile. I also take a lot of pride in seeing our events grow and become more successful each year.

My passions aside from Credit/work: My family and friends, the great outdoors, good food and wine!

Contact details: Email - or 0432 173 132

Qualifications: Graduate Diploma Financial Services, Cert IV Bookkeeping

Current Position: AICM Facilitator

Employer: Self employed

Time at that company: 12 Years

Credit/professional background: was in wholesaling, with an early period in TAA (Government airline)
• Previously 12 Years Group Credit Manager Ideal Electrical Pty Ltd

Portfolio: Secretary

Why I volunteer as AICM Councillor: It is important to give back to the industry. In my early time as a credit professional, people guided my footsteps into industry knowledge and education which was appreciated. Now it is my turn to help those who are forging a career in this industry

How long on council: This time on council is 5 years, have had a previous stint in 1998 – 2004.

The value I have gained through volunteering with AICM: Never be afraid to admit what you don't know, there is always someone with expertise willing to help. There is such a large circle of professionals that become accessible through networking.

My passions aside from Credit/work: Travel and gardening. Presently renovating, which seems to be never ending and a continuous money pit.

Contact details: or 0412 666 996

Current Position: Credit Manager

Employer: Cement Australia

How long at that company: since November 2015

Credit/professional background: Over 30 years in Credit with experience across a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, FMCG, medical, professional services and freight. Experienced in leading teams (large and small) and operating in a shared services environment. As a leader and manager, passionate about team training, development and continuous improvement as well as ensuring that the team's knowledge is always up to date with the latest legislative requirements.

Current Portfolio is CCE. Previous portfolios include Events, Golf Day & Membership

Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor:  I volunteer on the AICM Qld council so we, all credit professionals, can have some form of input and impact in how our profession is seen by people both inside the credit arena and outside. There is a lot of misconception about credit professionals, we seem to get the look of shock and sometimes even the voiced "OMG you chase people for money" comments. It is satisfying to be able to say I belong to a professional body who is actively ensuring compliance to legislation and who is an advocate of training its members correctly and constantly.

Achievements with the AICM: This is my second time on council. In my last stint I was on council for over 4 or 5 years and was lucky enough to be elected to both VP Qld and then President Qld. Those two roles play a pivotal role in the voice the Qld membership has with the AICM National Office. Both roles are to be taken seriously, aside from the amount of golf and socialising you get to do. No seriously, all roles on council allow all of us to have a say in how we are represented and trained on a state and national level and I can think of no better way to give back to a profession that has fed me over so many years.

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM: One of the biggest values I have gained through volunteering with AICM so far, in my 20 + years of being an AICM member, was to be on top the PPSR legislation before it was introduced. The AICM ensured its membership was given ample training and review of the legalisation throughout the government consideration process. This enabled the company I worked for to make the necessary changes to Credit Applications and the companies policies and procedures prior to the implementation of the legislation. On a social side, being on council allows you to meet some many wonderful people some of who I value as personal friends too! Add to this the partnership with the Chartered Institute of Credit Management in Europe and our training and professional standing becomes global.

My passions aside from Credit/work: My passions aside from Credit and work would be my family, camping, fishing and hunting. Very earthy and grounding which I need after my day job finishes.

Contact details: via email

Name:  Stacey Woodward MICM

Qualifications: Certificate IV in credit Management 50% completed

Current Position: Credit Officer – QLD Major Mining

Employer: Hastings Deering

How long at that company: since 2015

Credit/professional background: My credit career started with Boral Construction Materials in 2011 as a Credit Officer looking after the QLD/NT Trade accounts, I then progressed into the QLD/NT Major accounts role in 2013.

Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor: I currently sit on the QLD council looking after the . I love being part of something that I am passionate about and am always looking to learn new things. 

Achievements with AICM: QLD National finalist for the 2014 Young Credit Professional of the year award, have been involved with the council for 9 months.

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM: Since taking on the media portfolio on the QLD council, I will be expanding my social media marketing skills with an online course due to start in June 2015.

My passions aside from Credit/work: Scuba diving & travelling the world – I usually plan trips that combine the two!

Contact details: Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn

  • Name: Ross Leggett MICM
  • Qualifications: Bachelor Agricultural & Resource Economics (Hons)
  • Current Position: Manager – Program Delivery
  • Employer: Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority
  • How long at that company: January 2017

Credit/professional background:

Commonwealth Bank Agribusiness Executive – 2010 to 10/2014

Rural Bank – 10/2014 – 5/2015

Ruralco Holdings Ltd – Divisional Credit Manager – 5/2015 to 1/2017

QLD Membership

  • Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor:

Opportunity to network with industry professionals and keep up to date with current and changing legislation & practices in the credit industry

  • Achievements with AICM:

QLD YCP 2016

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM:
Keeps me up to date and in touch with likeminded professionals in the credit industry.

My passions aside from Credit/work:
Running/Wine/Farming and Rural Life/Cooking/Travel

Contact details:

  • Name: Nathan Wilkinson MICM Cdec 
  • National Winner: 2017 Young Credit Professional of the Year Award
  • Current Position: AR Manager
  • Employer: Foundation Education Group
  • How long at that company: 3 months
  • Credit/professional background: Former Collections Manager of National Collection Services


  • Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor: To gain the most relevant and up to date knowledge in the credit industry, to expand my professional network and to hopefully become a valuable mentor for up and coming credit professionals.


  • Achievements with AICM: Involved with QLD AICM Council since November 2016. 2016 QLD Pinnacle Award Winner – 2016 External Collection Agent of the Year, 2017 QLD YCP winner and 2017 National YCP winner. Undergoing CCE assessment.


  • My passions aside from Credit/work: Investing in shares and property, learning about entrepreneurship and animal welfare.



  • Name: Mark Harley LLB BIT, MQLS,

Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Information Technology / Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

Current Position: Founder and Principal

Employer: Boss Lawyers

How long at that company: 4 Years

Credit/professional background: I have spent the last 10 years in commercial litigation and insolvency with a particular focus on credit litigation.  I have acted for and against many issues surrounding the provision of credit and debt recovery.

Portfolio: Law and legislation

Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor:

    • The warm fuzzy feeling you get when you do something and expect nothing in return – the AICM is an opportunity for me to share my knowledge law in credit with others (and also learn a few things along the way)’
    • Goal as Councillor is to raise awareness of important legal changes that may affect AICM members in an informative way.
  • Achievements with AICM (inc how much time on council):
    • - 12 months on Council
    • - Mix with likeminded professionals
    • - Honoured recipient of the AICM Legal Representative of the Year for 2017 – so stoked! Thank you, and also congratulations to all the worthy nominees.

  • Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM: Friendships, giving back 

  • My passions aside from Credit/work: Scuba diving, Health & Fitness (but not a fitness freak)

  • Contact details: / 07 3188 0200