AICM National Conference 2016VedaAustralMercantile

DATE: Wednesday 12th October 2016        TIME: 9:00am - 12:00pm        REGISTRATION: 8:30am



The first half-day of the conference is called the “Leadership Forum” for very good reasons. While the entire conference has been crafted for credit managers, this first session is tailored for leaders of all kinds - leadership is not defined by the number of subordinates in your team, but by your ability to engage, inspire and influence at all levels.

Developed in conjunction with UQ Business School Executive Education the 2016 Leadership Forum will be presented by Andrew MacDonald, Vice President Corporate Development at Aurizon. 

Using the back drop of Aurizon's management of its credit risk with Queensland Nickel, you will learn:
- what it takes to be a great leader in a technical role,
- understand your skills and strengths and how to leverage them,
- the different styles of leadership,
- where you may need to develop yourself to not just optimise your credit operation, but also your individual career.

This is a great addition to the standard conference for experienced and aspiring managers, supervisors, team leaders and team members.

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