The President’s Dinner is always a spectacular social event of the conference. The dinner will be held offsite at Movie World and will feature fabulous food, live entertainment and a chance to kick off your heels and have a good time.

AICM National Conference 2016 President's Dinner

The Young Credit Professional of the Year Award (YCPA) program is the largest and most prestigious Youth Credit Award program in Australia and provides a great opportunity for young Credit Professionals to gain recognition both for themselves and their employer. 

By entering the YCPA program and discussing your career achievements and ambitions you will gain both valuable insight to the potential for your future advancement and support from young Credit Professionals like yourself and from experienced Credit Practitioners who are interested in assisting young Credit Professionals to achieve their potential.

The national YCPA winner will be announced at the President's Dinner. The winner will receive an AICM Education Scholarship to the value of $2,000, a cash prize of $1,000 and a national winner's plaque. Now in its 19th year, this prestigious award seeks to identify and honour the accomplishments and performance of young credit professionals around the country and demonstrates AICM's commitment to recognising their exemplary profess.

 Catrina Galanti - Austral mercantile,  VIC Finalist

I had not foreseen working for a debt collection agency. When I was younger, I always thought I’d run a restaurant when I grew up. Once I’d completed that, it was a big case of “ ok, now what?”. Carole McTavish is very fond of saying “ No one ever plans to work in credit”. It’s something that has really stuck with me since the WINC luncheon last year as it was certainly true for me. Once I left hospitality, I ended up working my up in a hospitality supplies company to Finance & Administration Manager because I had an affinity for numbers and chatting with people to gain essential information. After a couple of years I felt I’d done as much as I could there and searched for something else within the industry and found the role of Sales Manager at Austral. With my previous experience, I was essentially speaking with people who had been in my previous role. With that as my background, I threw myself into all of the Learning and Development offered internally at Austral and made it a mission to learn from every highly experienced Credit Professional I came into contact with. 

The AICM has greatly benefited me in this regard. Being able to network with like-minded people and learn about the changing nature of the industry has been an enlightening experience for me. I definitely want to stay with the AICM as there have already been so many “aha!” moments. I don’t believe there is enough information readily available in the industry and the AICM is a big part of getting it out there and making sure those new to credit have support and resources. With my exposure to so many people in my role, I have an amazing insight in to many industries and I have gained a well-rounded knowledge of so many varied industries. I certainly plan to leverage this to increase the AICM’s profile within VIC/TAS.

I never would have predicted this career pathway, but I am certainly enjoying it. I get to meet some wonderful people and I’m fascinated by the legislation surrounding collections and the different methods we can utilise to recover for our clients. Going forward, I’m planning to work my way up the corporate ladder at Austral. I have no idea if I will stay in sales, but the benefit of a large company is the scope for growth.  Winning the YCP is a huge achievement for me. Coming from a completely different industry and working so hard to integrate myself and get up to speed on the current trends, it feels like validation for the work done so far. I know the other finalists this year were of an especially high quality. I cannot wait to get to nationals and challenge the other states. I have been instructed to bring it home to Victoria “or else”. …here’s hoping I can come home with my head held high.


Sarah Reed - Bunnings Group Limited, WA FInalist

When I reflect upon how I became a part of the Credit industry, I recognise my mother’s influence. With 25 years’ experience as a Credit Manager, she has been a main driving force behind my positive personal and business success. In addition, my choice of university study in Psychology has helped me with credit management, I feel the skills I have learnt and experience I have gained is now being applied daily in my working credit life.

I joined the Bunnings Credit team in March 2013 as a Collection Officer and was promoted to the Credit Customer Service Centre Team Leader role in August 2015. Currently, I lead a team of 15 who manage a portfolio of 52 million dollars which is made up of approximately 64,000 active trading accounts.

After recently completing my Diploma of Management, I was nominated to participate in a new challenge; the YCPA program. I believe I can add value to the AICM network and would benefit from the experience of the AICM and YCPA program. This would lead me to becoming an even greater assets to my team and business by increasing my knowledge and networks which is something that is extremely important to me.