AICM National Conference 2017VedaAustralMercantile
9.00am - 9.45am

The State of the Application

Frictionless application processing is the critical element in customer acquisition and optimal customer experience. Simon Bligh will take you through Dun & Bradstreet’s study into which industries are doing it best and what great looks like

Simon Bligh
CEO | Dun & Bradstreet

9.45am - 10.00am

Young Credit Professional of the Year

Meet this year’s Finalists

James Neate MICM CCE
Australian President | AICM

Mark Russell MICM
Director | Dun & Bradstreet

10.00 - 10.45am

Engaging with debtors who want to pay but currently can’t

Expert panel of consumer and commercial credit professionals, consumer and business advocates discuss how both sides can get a better result through genuine discussions.


10.45am - 11.15am
Morning Tea



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11.15am - 12.00pm

Triggers for the final step into bankruptcy

Gregory presents his findings following research and interviews of bankrupts and identifies what can make the difference

Gregory Mowle MICM CCE
Faculty of Business, Government & Law | University of Canberra ACT

Automation is a journey: how to have a successful integration

Credit manager & IT expert discuss the recent implementation of a software product.

  • How the opportunity to automate was identified
  • What worked
  • Troubleshooting the glitches and what time in the project plan should be assigned to this work to ensure system integrity

Luke Cieslak
National Credit Manager | EFM Logistics

Insolvency law reform

Review the two waves of legislation changes effective March and September 2017

  • Why reform was required
  • What further change is expected
  • Credit outcome driven focus

John Winter
CEO | ARITA - Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association

12.00pm - 12.45pm

Does workplace flexibility fit with credit?

  • How to enable flexible work while maintaining high performance
  • Managing risks
  • Why it makes great business sense

Kathy Kostyrko
Director | Hays Specialist Recruitment

Panel of credit managers

Additional panelists tbc

Using credit limits to drive sales

Paul Burgess will show how to use credit limits to benefit sales, customers and increase profit also reducing risk

Paul Burgess MICM
National Credit Manager | Steelforce Australia

Credit Managers - new tools and new traps

The insolvency law reform provides creditors new rights and risks. Understand how to use the tools and avoid the risks to achieve a better insolvency outcomes

Karl Hill MICM
Managing Director | Results Legal



12.45am - 2.00pm
2.00pm - 2.30pm

Credit reporting in the global context

How global organisations have harnessed the power of data to deliver value from their credit portfolio

Benny Kesuma
Head of Credit Solutions | APAC, Bureau Van Dijk

2.30pm - 3.00pm

The future of payments – how the New Payments Platform could evolve payables and receivables

  • The New Payments Platform is set to become available by the end of the year and will revolutionise payments in Australia
  • This session will explain how the Platform works and the potential it presents for payment receipting

Adrian Lovney
CEO | NPP Australia

3.00pm - 3.30pm
Afternoon Tea
3.30pm - 4.45pm

Insolvency to the core - The Hypothetical

Leading insolvency, legal and credit professionals are joined by government and regulators to dissect a “hypothetical” insolvency from every angle to uncover lessons, tips and tricks for credit professionals. James Neate will be the moderator of this session.

James Neate MICM CCE
Australian President | AICM

John Winter

Geoffrey McDonald MICM CCE
Barrister at Law

Robyn Erskine MICM
Principal | Brooke Bird - Insolvency Specialists

4.45pm - 5.00pm 

Annual General Meeting


President’s Gala Dinner at Great Hall Parliament House, sponsored by Dun & Bradstreet, featuring announcement of the Young Credit Professional of the Year and President’s Trophy winners

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Note: the PDF program is current as at 31 July 2017 and does not reflect many changes and additions made to the online program.