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How is a business day measured?

Created: 30 November 2018
Created: Grant
In a VA, Section 443B(2) of the Corporations Act gives the administrator a grace period of five business days before he or she incurs personal liability for rent under pre-appointment leases. During those five days, the… 5 101 Read   

Sharing Adverse information within your company

Created: 30 November 2018
Created: Suzanne
Hi there, needing some advise, if you have run a credit report and it shows adverse information, can this information be shared within your company, such as sales or management? 4 92 Read   

Serious Credit Infringement

Created: 28 November 2018
Created: Ray
Hi there, we have a customer who fraudulently took out a loan as she lied about her employment. She is now claiming hardship and wants the debt written off, can a 'Serious Credit Infringement' still be listed? 11 111 Read   

Does the punishment fit the crime?

Created: 21 November 2018
Created: Nicolas
A company director from Queensland has been convicted and sentenced to jail after pleading guilty to charges related to illegal phoenix activity. The sentence relates to 13 breaches of director duties by directing suppliers… 8 183 Read   

Large Volume Transactions

Created: 14 November 2018
Created: Michelle Ann
Hi lovely forum, I manage the credit and receipting for a large transnational team. We have fantastic systems and our receipting functionality is amazing. As part of an enhancement, for those payments we cant auto allocate… 5 115 Read