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New Customer On Boarding

Created: 13 November 2018
Created: Michelle Ann
Currently the onboarding/set up of new customers is done external to our team. I am looking into how we can do this better. I am keen to recommend a course for the admin staff to better understand the set up. I rarely get… 8 116 Read   

Director appointed administration

Created: 08 November 2018
Created: Maree
Hi I would like to know the next step to attempt to secure a debt owed to our company. We have been advised that they have gone into administration - director appointed. We do not have any official advice as yet, just over… 6 102 Read   

CIO - other options?

Created: 26 October 2018
Created: Ray
We are currently members of the CIO, but they seem to barely exist or work these days. We have had an open complaint with them for over 3 months and can not even get a hold of our account manager despite many efforts. Even… 4 97 Read   

Retention of Credit Applications

Created: 26 October 2018
Created: Deborah
Hi all, We are commencing scanning of all Credit files which naturally includes in some instances the original Credit Application. My question points to the Credit Application it will be scanned and also kept as a paper… 11 180 Read   


Created: 25 October 2018
Created: Raymon
I am toying with the idea of having an internal company that is seen as an external company from debtors in an attempt to prompt payment, however I believe there may be some legal issues around this. Does anyone have any… 10 134 Read