Credit teams operate in environments where they need to be supported through best practice process. AICM industry developed workshop attendees are encouraged and supported in their learnings through real world scenarios that immediately translate into their role

The workshops are designed to provide attendees the opportunity to learn from others and on returning to the office have documents they may implement dependent on the situation.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency workshops

These workshops are intrinsically linked and we strongly encourage attendance at both. Often credit controllers work through a debtors corporate insolvency only to be then required to work through a bankruptcy due to the guarantee.

An understanding of the language and documentation is a vital component in the correct identification and processing of forms. This ensures the organisation appropriately manages both the risk and profit impact of the insolvency event.

Personal Bankruptcy - Half Day Workshop

Topics covered:

-          Language of bankruptcy

-          How to read bankruptcy documentation

-          How to complete the proof of debt

-          What are the time frames to which you need to adhere

-          Questions you may ask the trustee

-          Sample bad debt write off documentation


-          Shopping trends

-          Complete sample proof of debt

-          Undertake preparation of proxy form and planning for meeting attendance

-          Prepare sample bad debt write off


Corporate Insolvency - Half Day Workshop

Topics covered:

-          Explanation of insolvency and types

-          Notifications received depending on insolvency event

-          Indicators of insolvency

-          How to interact with the insolvency practitioner

-          Best practice on internal process


-          Securing your debt against real property

-          Obtain familiarity with insolvency documentation

-          Priority ranking of creditors

-          Case study of insolvent event


Each workshop is half day

$275 (Inc. GST) per Workshop
$325 (Inc. GST) per Workshop

Note - When non-members register and pay for 2 courses at the non-member rate within 12 months they will receive complimentary membership. If completed between 1 July and 31 December, complimentary membership will be until 30 June. If completed between 1 January and 30 June complimentary membership will be until 30 June the following membership year. This offer is at the discretion of the AICM, is dependent on the current pricing and may be withdrawn at anytime .


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