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  • Name: Sherif Hussein MICM, CCE

Qualifications: Diploma in Management

Current Position: Billing & Credit Manager

Credit/professional background: I have been in Credit Management for 22 years.  I have worked for number of organisations that have been rewarding and sculptured me into who I am today. Currently at Interactive I motivate and lead a high performing team of 8 credit and billing professionals. I’ve been able to design and implement processes that are agile and ensure efficient delivery of robust solutions in my current role at Interactive and previous roles and United Petroleum.

Portfolio: Division President

  • Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor:  I am passionate about credit and always looking at ways to share our knowledge with other credit professionals. In 2018 I was honoured to be part of a judging panel for Young Credit Professional Award (YCPA) and was excited to meet young professionals in the credit profession. It gives me great confidence that our next generation of leaders will continue to drive and align our values as Credit Managers. Credit professionals endorse high level of customer service and are key players in the decision-making process for our organisations. 

Achievements with AICM:  I have been on the council for 3 years and started as a councillor looking after the CCE portfolio. Not long after I moved into the acting Vice President role and in March 2018 stepped into President role for the Vic/Tas Division.

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM: The AICM membership is diverse and engaging. I have been proud to be part of the Women in Credit luncheon and to see each year attendee levels grow. Volunteering has also provided me the opportunity to make friends with industry. Each year at the AICM National conference it gives me great pleasure to catch up with delegates and members who have become my long-term friends.

My passions aside from Credit/work: I enjoy practicing yoga, meditation, walking on the beach and spending time with my family.

Contact details: email or 0425 783 818.

Name: Catrina Galanti MICM CCE 

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (In Progress), Certified Credit Executive, Diploma of Hospitality Management

Current Position: Trade Credit Insurance Specialist Broker

Employer: National Credit Insurance (Brokers) Pty Ltd

How long at that company: Since May 2019

Credit/professional background: 2016 – 2019: QBE Trade Credit Insurance Underwriter, 2015 – 2016: Regional Sales Manager for Austral Mercantile Collections, 2012 – 2015: Finance Manager, Chef’s Hat Australia, 2009 – 2012: Restauranteur/Business Owner

Portfolio: Vice President and Professional Development and Events

Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor: I want to increase the visibility of the AICM and enhance the profile with my own customers. Also to bring fresh ideas with a focus on Learning and Development opportunities for our members.

Achievements with AICM: Victorian Young Credit Professional 2016, CCE in January 2017, On council since April 2016, Nominated to Vice President in February 2019

My passions aside from Credit/work: Cooking, reading, annoying my family

Contact details: or 0403 577 211 or 03 9607 1408

Qualifications: Diploma of Financial Services

Current Position: National Credit Manager

Employer: IMCD Australia Pty Limited

Commenced at company: July 2020

Credit/professional background:
- 2019 - 2020 - Landmark - Regional Credit Manager South East
- 1996 - 2018 - PaperlinX Australia - National Credit Manager

My career in credit spans more than 30 years in various industries such as paper, transport, telecommunication and wholesale sectors

Why I volunteer with the AICM: I joined AICM and later the council to improve my connection with other credit professionals and to gain access the latest information in order to improve my productivity in my credit role. I also felt an obligation to give back to an industry from which I've benefited so greatly. 

Achievements with AICM: I was on council for 3 years before I was appointed the Vic/Tas President. I'm very proud of this appointment by my peers which allowed me to work outside me comfort zone and push my boundaries to achieve our common goals.

In 2019 I was elected by the Vic/Tas council to represent them on the National Board and I'm excited by the challenge to drive the CCE Portfolio.

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM: Apart from meeting people and arranging network events and seminars, which I may never have done, the opportunity to address and present at these sessions has allowed me to improve my confidence, presentation and communication skills to address people in a public forum.

My passions aside from Credit/work: Family life is very important to me plus I don't mind playing golf, fishing and of course watching the mighty Bombers play football.

Contact details: mobile 0412 912 266

Name: Michelle Carruthers MICM

- Honours, Degree of Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
- Bachelor of Business Commerce (Marketing, International Business & Advertising)

Current Position: Senior Business Development Manager

Employer: CreditorWatch

Commenced with employer: Jan 2017

Credit/professional background: I've been working at CreditorWatch for over 3 year and before that I was living in Chile, Santiago. Prior to that I was a Senior Education Consultant at Pearson Australia (5 years).

Portfolio: Publication & assisting where required with sponsorship

Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor: I chose to volunteer to become a better consultant for my customers and to increase my knowledge of the industry. This knowledge I share with my colleagues and customers. I am passionate about credit and I am always talking about WINC, my favourite event of the year. I just want to give back to the industry that has already given me so much.

Achievements with AICM:  I've implemented a new feature article called "Member in Spotlight" which allows me to focus on members and their milestones. This is aligned with our 2020 goal of member engagement. On average I spend roughly 1 to 2 hours on council a week, but this depends on when the magazine is due as my time that week goes up to roughly 3 to 4 hours. The magazine deadline comes around so quickly.

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM: I've been volunteering for almost a year now and I love it. I really enjoy catching up once a month and learning about what is new in all the different industries, as we have such a variety of members on council e.g insolvency practitioners, insurance and most importantly credit manager, and I get to see first hand how these new changes affect them day to day. I feel I have become a better consultant for my customers and my colleagues.

I've also meet so many new people, the networking opportunities are amazing.

My passions aside from Credit/work: Traveling to "different" countries e.g Ethiopia, Palau, Madagascar, I love Hiking, Painting and playing Board Games

Contact details: or 0431 312 064

Name: Ricky Forster MICM

- Master of Business Administration
- Graduate Diploma in Management
- Graduate Certificate in Management
- Bachelor of Commerce

Current Position: Head of Lending & Collections

Employer: Study Loans Australia

Commenced with employer: July 2020

Credit/professional background: I’ve held numerous executive roles across the Financial Services space for the last 20 years. Highly experienced in business transformation, business unit improvement, operational change and change management. I am at home building and mentoring high performing teams, with an emphasis on credit, collections, service and finance. I’ve held leadership roles across a variety of industries including consumer and commercial. Non-bank lending, FMCG, media, transport and education having recently worked in the Private Equity space, improving and implementing change to drive performance in the credit and collections service departments at Sensis, Angle Finance and Goodyear Dunlop Tyres.

Portfolio: Consumer

Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor: Because the AICM is an exceptional platform for professionals that is underutilised in our industry. I am passionate about credit and the future of our industry. I want to lead and inspire young credit professionals to continue to build the foundations of our great organisation.

Achievements with AICM:  Judge in the YCP Awards 2020, Ambassador for improving our Consumer member space and offerings

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM: I've been volunteering for almost a year now and I love it. I love being part of an organisation that values input, feedback and most of all an organisation that is their to support like minded professionals.

My passions aside from Credit/work: Travelling and Gardening and Interior Design

Contact details: or 0404 040 844

Name: MD Farhan Hossain

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Economics)

Current Position: Manager – Operations

Employer: Recoveries Corporation Pty Ltd

Commenced with employer: 2015

Credit/professional background:

I am a passionate credit professional with more than five years of experience in financial services, particularly in managing operational performance for Tier 1 Banking clients. I have a deep understanding and knowledge of banking products and the referral process for contingent and purchased banking and finance debt. With a proven track record of consistently going over and above to deliver exceptional results, I thrive in fast-paced and challenging environments. I am a team player and enjoy collaborating with multiple stakeholders to continuously improve processes and build team culture.

Portfolio: Treasurer

Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor: AICM provides a platform for credit professionals to collaborate and showcase the wide range of opportunities within the industry. My reason for volunteering is that I would like to give back to the credit community by assisting others in their journey.

Achievements with AICM: Relatively new with 1 year of experience and looking forward to growing with the AICM

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM: Growing my network and learning about the wider credit industry

My passions aside from Credit/work: I love watching soccer and am a massive Manchester United

Contact details: or 0451 462 920

Name: Alan Izra MICM

Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws / ADLP

Current Position: Commercial / Litigation Lawyer

Employer: McMahon Fearnley Lawyers

Commenced with employer: 2019

Credit/professional background:
I have been admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Victoria. My areas of legal practice involve commercial litigation and commercial law representing clients in major Victorian Courts and Tribunals.

In the area of commercial litigation and commercial law, I have experience in insolvency law, employment law, franchising law, trust law, corporate advisory, building and construction law.

Portfolio: Regulation and Legislation

Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor: AICM is dedicated on improving the credit industry by providing helpful, practical knowledge and guidance to Members and Councillors. My reason for volunteering is to provide legal insight of the latest insolvency regulations to credit professionals.

Achievements with AICM: Relatively new and looking forward to growing within AICM.

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM: Volunteering at AICM has provided me the opportunity to build my professional network, gain confidence and be part of a community that makes a difference in the credit industry.

My passions aside from Credit/work: Photography, listening to music, fishing, motorsport, and love watching soccer.

Contact details: or 0414 614 827

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business, Certified Credit Executive

Current Position: Vice President

Employer: FintruX Network, Singapore

How long at that company: since 2019

Credit/professional background: Career background ranging from working within Banking & Finance, Mercantile, On-line digital media and Fintech across Australia and Asia.

Portfolio: Chairman Young Credit Professional (VIC/TAS)

Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor: As of 2019, I have been a councillor for 5 years with the AICM raising awareness to Young Credit Professionals and being a mentor to current and past applicants.

Achievements with AICM:
2016 - Certified Credit Executive
2015 – Pinnacle awards - Senior Credit officer of the year 
2014 – Tony Mammone award winner

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM:

Building on my own professional network within the Credit Management industry, sharpening my acumen and creating awareness and promoting the YCPA awards to future applicants.

Published the following articles through the AICM magazine:

  • - Peer to Peer Lending Platforms - Disrupting Asia’s Banking Corporations
  • - Strengthening Economic & Business Ties with Asia
    - Lack of Financial Literacy within Australian Households
  • - Finding the best-fit debt recovery agency
  • - Evolution of Banking in Australia

My passions aside from Credit/work: 
Travelling and photography 

Contact details: , +61402777169


Name: Mary Petreski MICM CCE

Qualifications: Diploma in Marketing

Current Position: Credit Manager ANZ Asahi Lifestyle Beverages, Asahi Premium Beverages & Asahi Beverages New Zealand.

Employer: Asahi Beverages Pty Ltd

Commenced with employer: 2018

Credit/professional background:
I am a highly experienced and proficient National Credit Manager, with over 20 years' experience in the credit industry, now working for a Melbourne based company.

I bring an open, engaging and honest approach to working life in particular, attention to detail, compliance and best practice.

I strive for perfection in leading a team, and contributing to the financial stability of the company, with my professional passion including the PPSA (Personal Property Securities Act), developing & integrating robust policies & procedures, and effective planning for risk management.

After joining the Australian Institute of Credit Management (AICM) in 2012, I was nominated and won the Victorian Senior Credit Officer of the Year 2015.

Portfolio: (can touch on previous positions)
Metropolitan PD

Why I volunteer on the AICM council/Goals as Councillor:
Credit is an ever-evolving role and learning from others in the industry has lead me to grow my passion in credit and share my knowledge. Training & Development is very important to me, taking on the Fundamentals of Credit tool boxes has enabled me to share my knowledge and learn from others. In 2018, I was privileged to be one of the judges for the Pinnacle Awards, highlighting credit professionals from all industries. Knowledge is a powerful tool and I am grateful to have the opportunity with AICM.

Achievements with AICM:
I joined AICM in 2012, from there I have attended many workshops and networking events. In 2015, winning the Senior Credit Professions (Pinnacle Awards VIC), motivated me to learn more and expand my knowledge further in credit. I joined multiple Credit Bureaus'. In 2017, I successfully completed my CCE exams. I joined the Victorian / Tasmanian Council in 2017 and applied myself to Professional Development portfolio. In 2018, I took on CCE portfolio.

Value I have gained through volunteering with AICM:
Watching credit professions engage and grow in the industry has encouraged me to further evolve in Credit. Joining the WINC Committee, has expanded my networking opportunities, gained further knowledge, and assisted other credit professionals. Attending the AICM National Conference each year, is defiantly a highlight, as it allows me to have an opportunity to meet new delegates and catch up with delegates who have now become long-terms friends.

My passions aside from Credit/work:
Growing my own fruits and vegetables has been a passion of mine for a very long time, along with judo (defence), reading and before all, spending time with my family.

All my passions have taught me to be patient, nurture, and each year be a better person.

Contact details: