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  Restructuring during crisis and uncertainty

A great product and leading market position can't guarantee a business will survive a crisis like COVID-19.


This session includes a case study of how a household brand name restructured and adapted. It will provide insight into how you assess the viability 
of your customers beyond the balance sheet.

  Factors driving personal and corporate risk 

COVID-19 has created an economic shock. However, impacts vary by industry and location.

With government support packages and temporary measures lessening, will this stimulus have a positive impact or push the problem down the track.

  Using scores and data to prioritise activity 

Businesses and bureaus are collating data daily. This data can be used to improve your targeting of:

  • -  Potential bad debts
  • -  Customers to support with payment arrangements

-  Where to focus activity

  State of the nation - Federal minister address 


  Credit Team of the Year
sponsored by Equifax


Meet the 2020 Credit Team of the Year finalists and announcement of the winning team.

  How consumers credit scores have been
  impacted by COVID-19

Credit scores are dynamic and impacted by real-time events. A case study of how credit providers are utilising CCR and increased data to provide a

clearer view and improve the precision of lending decisions. 


  Tough conversations

Strategies for the tough conversations with customers, team members, management and other departments during escalated risk, stress and pressure.


  Changing the insolvency conversation

  • The word "Insolvency" often creates a shiver down the spine for both debtors and creditors.  What if there was a way to turn that negative response into a more optimistic one. Get the tips on how to engage in conversations with your customers and look for the "win-win".

  How new phoenix legislation protects creditors

The new legislation introduces creditor defeating dispositions. Understand how and when this may help you get paid.


  Identifying and responding to vulnerability

Identifying vulnerability when customers aren't talking to you. How to protect yourself, your team and your customers. 


  The global credit industry view of COVID-19

AICM CEO is joined by leaders of UK, European and US associations to compare conditions and challenges. Understand how your

operation compares to others globally.


  Alternative solutions to accelerating cashflow

How to improve your DSO and cash flow by leveraging alternative solutions to get paid by customers that will not pay any quicker.


  Maximising positive customer outcomes 

Understand what is generating complaints to ensure you are meeting customer expectations not just minimising complaints.  


  Young Credit Professional of the Year 

Meet this year's YCP finalist.


  What managers look for when building a team

COVID has highlighted the need for cohesive teams to work autonomously and remotely. How to build a culture of clear and efficient communication. 


  Catalysts for becoming a winning credit team

Case studies of how automation enabled a boost in team efficiency.
Past Credit Team of Year winners discuss what makes them great.


  Insolvency and COVID-19

How COVID-19 has impacted the corporate insolvency process and what creditors should consider when assessing proposals of liquidators.


  Protecting your best asset

How to protect yourself and your team's mental health.

  Managing the unmanageable

How to deal with uncertainty and impacts on your role that you can't control.

  Security options other than PPS

How to secure your interest and get paid when you can't register retention of title (e.g. consulting services, storage and logistics services, IP licenses). 


  Electronic contracts - are they worth the paper
  they are written on?

-  Online, e-applications and T&C credit contracts
-  Electronic execution, identity verification and enforceability
-  Deeds and guarantees signing on the virtual dotted line
-  Protocols, e-doc security authentication, DocuSign and the new world order
-  Enforceability of non-existent “paperwork” 

  PPSR regulators update

AFSA’s projects and priorities for the 2020/21 financial year. 

  Bankruptcy regulatory update

- Skillsets required for hardship discussions.

- What creditors should be alert to when bankruptcies escalate.

- Expectations of debtors and creditors before and during a bankruptcy process.


  UK's approach to hardship and financial assistance

Lessons from how credit, collections, financial counsellors and government sectors in the UK support vulnerable consumers. 

  Improving the integrity of corporate data 

Access to accurate data is vital to good credit decisions. The ASIC registry is being replaced by a Modern Business Register to increase the integrity of data and incorporate rigorous director identification. Understand how this will benefit your credit decisions.

  Accessibility and inclusion

 How to ensure your credit operation is inclusive and supportive to those in vulnerable groups.