Discover our Personality Traits and Natural Behavioural Tendencies

Is someone in your team underperforming? Who are your best collectors and what skills and attributes do they display that make them the best performers? We all know that a large part of performing well in collections is about prioritising and being able to manage workload well, but what makes the best collectors the best, and why are some people in your team underperforming? Having an understanding of personality traits and the natural behavioural tendencies that drive the best collectors can go a long way to building the best collections team.
The dazzling Mark Garbelotto, CEO Australian Academy of Sales, Sales Trainer, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker and Author of “The Business of Sales - Getting Serious About Business and Selling” will engage us with a live test case on a VIC/TAS Committee Member, the fabulous Frank Gambera (McMahon Fearnley Lawyers), to demonstrate how understanding personality traits and natural behaviours can help get the best out of our teams.


Event Details

  • Date
  • 18 August 2016
  • Address
  • 562 St Kilda Rd
  • Venue
  • Parkview Hotel
  • Speaker
  • Mark Garbelotto
  • Time
  • 6:00pm Registration
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    $55 (Inc. GST)

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