Do you need a Credit Change Champion in 2018?

We've developed a mini bundle of courses that provide credit professionals with the tools to embark on a journey of change.

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The units "Lead and manage organisational change" and "Manage people and performance"  are central to implementing change in the workplace.

By completing these two units and selecting a third related to your specific change need, you will be equipped to be a change champion in your business and be able to apply these skills to a specific area of your credit operation.

All AICM courses are structured around the day to day activities of the credit workplace allowing students to implement these tools immediately and amplify their effectiveness for the organisation.

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Step 1 - your 2 core Change subjects

Lead and manage organisational change

Change is the constant in your workplace, the environment, the economy and personal life.

Change in the workplace can be small changes such as new staff or procedures, sometimes the change may be bigger such as new IT systems or a company structure.   It's how we manage change that can make the difference between success and failure.

To integrate change into an organisation, skills and knowledge are needed to identify early warning signals and to plan and prepare for the implementation of change. 

There are logical steps to implementing change which this unit identifies.  Utilising problem-solving skills to overcome objections from those resistant to change and to develop strategies, provides the confidence to go forward and develop integrated change strategies that utilise the strengths of people, technology and the organisation.

Outcomes are covered within this unit:

- Identify key stakeholders 
- Develop change options
- Cost/benefit analysis
- Identify risks and barriers to be overcome
- Approval and resourcing issues

Topics Covered:

- Develop a communication plan to address the issues that may be raised during the consultation process, and will promote the benefits of the change(s) as set out in the communication timelines
- A consultation process to obtain input from all relevant people and business units
- Identification of possible barriers to the change(s) and the risk management of the barriers
- Describes the change management activities and interventions which will facilitate the introduction of the change
- Strategies to embed the change(s)
- Evaluation and ongoing review and amendment of the change management plan to ensure the change management objectives are achieved

Manage people performance

Managing people is essential to the role of a credit professional. By understanding how to develop job descriptions including performance standards that meet organisational goals and Key Performance Indicators is pivotal to working with others to implement change.  Understanding how to manage others where they have not met milestones and commitments of the change process is critical to ensuring successful implementation of a change program. 

Outcomes are covered within this unit:

  • - Manage the work of others to achieve strategic outcomes
  • - Plan and identify the components of a performance management program
  • - Provide strategic feedback to enhance performance
  • - Provide support to enhance performance
  • - Monitor and review ongoing performance
  • - Manage good and poor performance


Topics Covered:

  • - Steps in managing performance
  • - Performance Management
  • - Establishing performance management objectives and measurements
  • - How to conduct a performance appraisal and the process
  • - Critical characteristics of a good performance management system

Step 2 - Choose your third subject

  • To provide a focus on a specific area of the credit department choose a third unit that meets your change need.  You can select from any unit in our qualifications we suggest the following are the most relevant:
  • - Credit policies and procedures
  • - Manage the credit relationship
  • - Effective collection techniques
  • - Manage bad and doubtful debts
  • - Assess credit applications
  • We have many more options available, contact AICM to discuss.


Step 3 - Contact AICM to register or to discuss other unit options

phone 1300 560 996 or email at

 Terms and Conditions:

      • - Applies to any 3 units of the Certificate IV in Credit Management, Diploma of Credit Management and Certificate III Mercantile Agents.
  • - Requires a commitment to complete all 3 units.
  • - Requires all 3 units to be completed by 31 December 2018.
  • - On average students take between 2 weeks and 2 months to complete a unit.
  • - The AICM will invoice each unit individually with the first 2 units invoiced at the full price (e.g. $420 online for members) and the 20% discount applied to the 3rd unit (reducing the price from $420 to $160).
  • - On completion of each unit students will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment
  • - On request, a Credit Change Champion certificate will be issued at the completion of all 3 units. This is not a nationally recognised qualification
  • - Completion of units will count towards the relevant qualification.
  • - 20% discount is only available once per student
  • - Multiple students from the same company may receive the 20% discount
  • - Discount will also apply to in house and face to face training 
  • - Discount does not apply retrospectively or to units already invoiced/enrolled.

Event Details

  • Date
  • 28 February 2018
  • Address
  • NA
  • Venue
  • Online
  • Time
  • Flexible
  • Cost
  • Members $1000
  • CCE Points
  • 30