QLD - Half Day Seminar - Effective Credit Strategies

Effective credit management requires you to harness the skills and tools at your disposal to create great results for your business, customers and your career.

This national seminar has been developed by credit professionals with feedback from members like you, so you can:

- learn from experts
- workshop best practice 
- connect with your peers, and
- succeed!

Session 1 – Strategies for gaining buy in from your CFO and others
To advance your credit operations you often need approval of your plans or gain buy-in from others. 
This session will equip you with the skills to effectively progress your recommendations, plans and proposals, including:

- The structure and steps to develop a clear, well designed business case.
- A strategic map for performing stakeholder consultations to understand their requirements.
-Tips for delivering your pitch so that ‘YES’ is the obvious and only result!

Session 2 – Staying the course
Modern work life, social pressures and a digital age means that everyone’s mental health issues need to be front of mind for all professionals.  The daily pressures of credit roles makes this even more relevant for credit professionals.

In this session you will learn how to identify and respond to the signs of mental health concerns in yourself, your team and customers. And how to build resilience in yourself and your teams to be able to deal with these effectively.

Session 3 – Credit technology developments
Showcase and discussion of what best practice organisations are doing to harness the skills of their team with the use of technology.

In addition to learning from the experience of others, this session will draw on the learning of the earlier sessions so you can return to the office equipped to make an impact.

Event Details

  • Date
  • 06 September 2019
  • Address
  • Level 33 Santos Place
    32 Turbot Street
  • Venue
  • Vincents Offices
  • Time
  • 12:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Cost
    Members: $155 (Inc. GST)
    Non-members: $205 (Inc. GST)

    Members: $230 (Inc. GST)
    Non-members: $280 (Inc. GST)
  • CCE Points
  • 4


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