The team from recoveriescorp including Brooke Lawrence and Prashant Mathur took out the Credit Team of the Year award at this year's AICM annual conference. The team have previously been runners up in this category.

Recoveriescorp has held an employer sponsored membership since 2012, and Brooke says the institute plays an unparalleled role bringing together credit managers.

"It's a great organisation for us to be involved with and stay abreast of what's happening in the industry," says Brooke.

Prashant says preparing the award application was an opportunity for the recoveriescorp Credit Team to proudly reflect on the contribution the team had made to the customer experience, especially when it came to hardship customers.

"It was a great learning process to see how far we've come and what we've all achieved, especially the initiatives we've implemented to co-partner with NAB. We've got a great team of skilled operators," he says.

Recoveriescorp has a partnership with NAB to manage accounts in arrears as well as hardship clients.

Brooke says the award is also important recognition of the high-performing nature of the team's individual members.

"The NAB Team in particular have achieved much over the last year. We have journeyed with NAB as they have started to rebrand some of their hardship products. Part of our success is the open and transparent relationship we have with NAB," she explains.

Brooke says what's paramount in recoveriescorp's relationship with NAB is representing its brand.

"We offer NAB resources to manage debt recovery, keeping in mind many are vulnerable customers going through hardship," she says.

Commenting on this year's Conference, Brooke says the team was especially interested to learn more about the National Payments Platform.

"Hearing guest speakers present on trends and the economy gives us valuable insights we can use when having conversations within the business or with clients. It's also useful to see what other credit providers are doing in the industry and any changes they've gone through," she says.

Says Prashant: "It helps you get an understanding about where you're placed in the credit industry relative to your peers."

Brooke says she would strongly recommend participating in the awards and attending the AICM conference.

"There are 30 people in our team, and six were able to take part in the presentation stage of the award process. It was important that the Award was something every person in the team shared in from start to finish," Prashant says.

"We made a video as part of our presentation, which captured the input of team members who didn't present, allowing every team member the opportunity to contribute to the award submission. Getting everyone involved in the process helped us be recognised and acknowledged for our accomplishments," he says

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