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Focused intensive thought leadership for the credit professional

AICM's national conference is where credit professionals connect, update and further their understanding of best practices in credit management.

The annual conference has been held for over 20 years and is Australia's largest gathering of credit and finance professionals.

 2021 has showed us that credit professionals need to be well informed about all aspects of credit management as they are called on by their businesses to navigate uncertainty and manage risk. 

Register now and hear from peers and thought leaders to ensure your organisation has adapted to the evolving landscape created by the pandemic and is informed to manage the challenges that lay ahead of the profession.


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Virtual Conference format

To create certainty from the uncertainty impacting all Australians, the AICM conference will now be held virtually.
This will ensure our members still have access to the information, latest updates and evolving trends in risk and credit management.

Leveraging the success of last years virtual conference we have evolved this
year's offering to a new streamlined and focused format.


Key information

Recognising the pressure credit professionals are under and the challenges that come with attending a virtual conference,
this conference will focus on the must-attend presentations and panel discussions held over three afternoons.

The conference will feature webinar-style presentations and panel discussions, with the ability for delegates to ask questions.


Date:        Wednesday 13 October - Friday 15 October 2021
Format:              3 afternoons with 4 x 45-minute sessions         
CCE Points:                               9 CCE Points                                     


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