The Student of the Year Award recognises students that have demonstrated exceptional achievements and commitment to their studies. Students that completed an AICM delivered qualification during the prior financial year are eligible for the student of the year award.

High Achievers Awards will also be presented for each of the 3 qualifications the AICM delivers.

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  • - AICM Facilitators review all graduates of the 3 qualifications on the AICM Scope of Registration in the past 12 months to 30th June each year.   
  • -  AICM Facilitators provide recommendations to the board for the student of the year from each qualification.
  • -  Recommendations will be presented to the Board removing references to organisation(s) individual(s) and/or any other distinguishing mark(s) such as logos or trademarks  for the final choice re the winner of the Student of the Year
  • - The board reviews these recommendations and selects or endorses the Student of the Year.

- A high achiever award will be announced for each qualification, in the October Newsletter (after conference) and December Magazine.
- The Student of the year will be notified in September and invited to attend conference where presentation and announcement will be made.

Student of the Year will be announced at the National Conference which they will be invited to attend as the AICM's guest including accommodation (transport and meals not included). 

High Achievers for each of the qualifications will be invited to attend an event in their capital city and be presented with a Certificate of Recognition and complimentary AICM membership for the next financial year. 

To be eligible students must have

  1. graduated a full qualification within the past 12 months
  2. participated in all online forums for their chosen units of competencies
  3. completed all Trainer Marked Activities for their chosen unit of competencies
  4. completed their qualification in the required timeframe, or a shorter timeframe
  5. submitted each of their assessments in the required submission timelines
  • - Assessment submissions demonstrated outstanding quality and detail to the units of competency being assessed
  • - Overall engagement with facilitators and assessors
  • - Commitment to the learning process
  • - Quality of work
  • - Skills and knowledge growth and understanding over the duration of the qualification 

Our 2021 Student of the Year - Azim Muhammud (NSW)

2021 Winner - Azim Ahm - Copy.jpg


Our 2020 Student of the Year - David Schilling QBE (NSW) accepting the award during the first ever AICM Virtual Awards Night

Our 2019 Student of the Year - Judith Riley of Iplex Pipelines Australia P/L (Qld) with AICM National President Trevor Goodwin




Our 2018 Student of the Year - Jacqueline Hutson of BOC discusses the award -

What an amazing honour to be the recipient of this award.

I would very much like to thank my manager Christopher Clarke and my employer BOC. I was very fortunate to be able to complete the Diploma of Credit Management in the workplace. My BOC colleagues and I are very grateful that we were provided the sponsorship and time every other month to have a day set aside to receive the training on site. Having sessions at work allowed for flexibility as well as the opportunity to workshop ideas with each other. Those of us that attended the training have much to be thankful for.

Secondly, I am very fortunate that our trainer, Toni Sawyer, has such a wealth of practical knowledge that she willingly shared with us during the training sessions. Having practical examples to enhance the theory we were learning was invaluable.  I would also like to thank Toni for giving so much of her time to all of us answering questions and providing guidance. I would not be receiving this award without her assistance.

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to thank AICM for providing the course and the flexibility to complete the assignments and the occasional extended time frames.  The learnings have provided a better understanding of the core competencies required within a credit role and the electives not only enhanced prior learnings but brought new insight into areas of the credit profession that we may not be involved in all the time. Being able to complete the coursework with work colleagues has also enhanced working relationships within our team and we often find ourselves discussing the learnings.

Thank you so much.

Jackie and her manager Chris Clarke with the award

Christopher Clarke and Jacqueline Hutson.jpg

The first ever Student of the Year was presented to Anastasia Khayrets, BASF Australia

Read the article about her experience.