AICM National Conference 2019Equifax
9.00am - 9.45am

Future Developments in Commercial Credit Assessment

At last year’s AICM Conference, there was one question asked of Simon more than any other: “What about trusts?”  In 2018, Simon deep dives the challenge of trust data and shares with attendees Future Developments in Commercial Credit Assessment that will address this critical issue.

Simon Bligh
CEO l illion

9.45am - 10.00am

Young Credit Professional of the Year

Meet this year’s Finalists

James Neate LICM CCE 
Australian President | AICM

Sharon Sheather MICM
Managing Director, Corporate | illion

10.00 - 10.45am

Tips for Surviving the Perfect Storm

The Safe Harbour Defence, increasing Phoenix activity, continual turmoil in the construction sector and a looming economic downturn means there is a storm on the horizon.  

A Panel led of industry experts will dive into these issues and what you need to know.

Chaired by : Robyn Erskine MICM
Partner - Restructuring, Turnaround & Insolvency  | Brooke Bird 

Thea Eszenyi
Senior Executive, Insolvency Practioners | ASIC
Aislinn Walwyn 
Assistant Commissioner - Phoenix | Australian Taxation Office
Graham Wolfe
Managing Director | Housing Industry Association
John Winter
Chief Executive Officer | Australian Restructuring and Turnaround Association
Nick Pilavidis MICM CCE
Chief Executive Officer | Australian Institute of Credit Management
10.45am - 11.15am
Morning Tea



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11.15am - 12.00pm

Minefields and Pitfalls to avoid

Practical analysis of examples where poor process or shortfalls in terms and conditions have led to poor outcomes for creditors.


Anna Taylor MICM
Principal  | Results Legal

Insolvency Debate

Australia’s insolvency regime is overly complex and produces minimal returns, should we consider reinstituting Debtor’s Prison?

A light-hearted, yet topical debate discussing the effectiveness of Australia’s insolvency regime.  Our panellists will consider the interplay of the various elements within this sector, being the individual, the business, the community and the country on the global stage.  An opportunity to challenge each of our perspectives on how the Insolvency industry operates.

Chaired By: Andrew Spring MICM
Partner  | Jirsch Sutherland
Malcolm Howell MICM
Partner  | Jirsch Sutherland

Natalie Ledlin MICM
Lawyer & Practice DIrector Ledlin Lawyers
Lily Nguyen MICM
Partner  | Landers & Rogers Lawyers

Practical steps to ensure your rights remain protected through the PPSR renewal process

Practical PPSR renewal tips to ensure your rights remain protected

  • Consequences of allowing your registrations to expire
  • The problems of transitional registrations in relation to renewals
  • New business processes to implement for future PPSR management.

Kim Powell MICM
Co-Founder | EDX

12.00pm - 12.45pm

Data, Privacy and Credit management

Join Ledlin Lawyers for a fun filled session on Privacy that will be engaging, memorable and full of useful take away content (and giveaways!)

You’ll learn the privacy basics, how to approach mandatory data breach notifications and bring yourself up to speed with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Terry Ledlin LLB Notary Public MICM
Special Counsel | Ledlin Lawyers

Holly Jackson MICM
Lawyer | Ledlin Lawyers

Legal update regarding security interests of trade suppliers

  • Extending securities beyond unpaid stock to reduce exposure.
  • Recent case law to assist trade suppliers defending liquidator’s unfair preference claims.
  • How to deal with insolvency practitioners to resolve security claims quickly.

Daniel Turk MICM
Partner | TurksLegal

Discover how psychometrics can assist you when negotiating with your sales team.

In this session you will learn:

  • The 17 inbuilt traits we all have
  • The 7 inbuilt traits of top performing sales people
  • How to use your inbuilt traits when communicating and or negotiating
  • How to have adaptive behaviours on inbuilt traits 
  • How to communicate with power

Mark Garbelotto
Founder & CEO | Australian Academy of Sales



12.45am - 2.00pm
2.00pm - 3.00pm

Distance to Default

New research from KPMG provides insight into potentiall credit and insolvency risk of major corporations.

Carl Gunther
Partner, Restructuring, Turnaround and Safe Harbour Expert | KPMG

3.00pm - 3.30pm
Afternoon Tea
3.30pm - 4.45pm

The full picture of Phoenix Activity

Understand the drivers of illegal phoenix activity from a behind the scene report on extensive investigation undertaken by ABC news.

Daniel Oakes
Senior Reporter | ABC News


4.45pm - 5.00pm 

Annual General Meeting


President’s Gala Dinner, sponsored by illion

Featuring announcement of the Young Credit Professional of the Year and President’s Trophy winners.

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