AICM National Conference 2019Equifax

The first half-day of the conference is called the “Leadership Forum” for very good reasons. While the entire conference has been crafted for credit professionals, this first session is tailored for leaders of all kinds - leadership is not defined by the size of your team, but by your ability to engage, inspire and influence at all levels.

Wednesday 17th October 9:00am - 12:00pm

You would have heard or read about disruption and increasing pace of change in the business environment. You may have come across the term VUCA, a term that many business strategists now refer to. VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. You probably know from experience that things are not as predictable or stable as it used to be – so what does that mean for leaders?

Some of you may have succeeded to date due to superior technical expertise, being the go-to-person in the organisation. You may have been excellent at improving efficiency, saving your organisation time and money. Others of you may have been recognised for your charisma and vision for people to follow. Many strategy and leadership experts say that these abilities were important in the Industrial Era but won’t necessarily work so well in the unpredictable, disruptive environment we are finding ourselves in.

Marshall Goldsmith wrote a New York Times best-selling book that was appropriately titled “What got you here Won’t get you There”. It’s time for all of us to take stock of what got us here and challenge ourselves to add new skillsets to lead in the VUCA world.

In this workshop you will explore and learn:

  • How is the leadership context different to the past?
  • Common challenges leaders are facing in the changing environment
  • What do leaders need more of and how is that different to the past?
  • Practical skills to try with your teams when you get back to work
  • How can you develop / refine your skills to lead effectively through disruptive times?


Megumi Miki

Position: Founder | Quietly Powerful

Author of “Start inspiring, stop driving: Unlock your team's potential to outperform and grow,” Megumi expands leaders’ mindsets and skill-sets to inspire diverse talent to flourish. Read other articles and hear about future events/talks through Megumi’s newsletter Megumi brings together 20+ years of experience in Leadership Development, Organisational Development, Change and Business Strategy and is the Founder of Quietly Powerful.

Quietly Powerful (QP) movement aims to help quieter professionals to succeed authentically, with the bigger aim of helping to expand the definition of what good leadership looks like. Access additional resources and program information at