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Equifax is a global information solutions company that uses unique data, innovative analytics, technology and industry expertise to power organisations and individuals around the world by transforming knowledge into insights that help make more informed business and personal decisions. 



1Centre is a customer onboarding and auto decisioning software. Now finance and credit teams can dynamically curate customer workflows that match risk profiles by entity type and value – and it’s all live!

So what?

With the advent of cloud computing customers can now facilitate the access of applications and data from any location worldwide, and from any device with an internet connection. Finance and Credit teams are, especially since Covid-19 on their transformation journeys, looking for ways to fundamentally change how it operates to achieve significant improvement in performance, by delivering services that better meet the needs of their business.

Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA)                                                                                     

The Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) is responsible for Australia’s personal insolvency and personal property securities systems, which:
• provide Australian consumers and businesses with tools to manage financial risk
• contribute towards investor and business confidence
• provide enhanced access to finance within the economy.

As part of administering and regulating these systems, we provide official trustee and registry services.

Our work supporting these systems helps to protect creditors and consumers, and also provides formal options for people to deal with unmanageable levels of debt.



CreditorWatch is an award-winning and innovative commercial credit reporting bureau that empowers users to perform due diligence and determine risk to their business.

With over 50,000 customers who range from sole traders through to ASX listed companies, CreditorWatch offers credit management tools and credit risk information on any entity in Australia (including sole traders, trusts and partnerships).

We monitor over 2 million businesses across Australia on behalf of our customers. CreditorWatch’s online platform and additional integrated products and services enable customers to save time and make affordable, informed credit decisions. 


Collection House                                                                                                                                                    

Collection House Limited is a leading Australasian receivables management company, providing organisations and individuals with world-class solutions in credit management, collections and customer care.

Founded in 1994 and listed on the ASX in 2000, the Group is made up of a number of brands offering a range of professional, ethical and effective products and services spanning the entire credit lifecycle.

Collection House operates throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. We draw on our many years of experience to provide the highest quality outcome – each time, every time.

As your experience becomes our reputation, cost minimisation, risk management and protection of your brand are absolutely paramount to us.



Esker is a worldwide leader in AI-driven process automation solutions, helping companies digitally transform their Order-to-Cash (O2C) and Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) cycles.

Within O2C, Esker's AR automation solutions reduce costs of invoice delivery, accelerate cash collection processes and automate the reconciliation of payments.

Esker’s Collections Management solution combines process automation and CRM properties to streamline the entire collections process while Cash App speeds up the payment allocation process to provide AR leaders the visibility needed to efficiently manage their receivables.

Since 1997, Esker Australia & New Zealand has helped 1,800 companies through their digital transformation in the region.



illion is the leading independent provider of trusted data and analytics products and services in Australasia, with the company’s consumer and commercial credit registries representing a core element of Australia and New Zealand’s financial infrastructure.

illion leverages its consumer and commercial credit registries, which comprise data on over 24 million individuals and over 2 million active companies, to provide end-to-end customer management solutions to clients in the financial services, telecommunications, utilities and government sectors.

illion’s product and service offering spans the full customer lifecycle, from lead generation and sales prospecting, to credit risk assessment and decisioning (including associated SaaS products), and, ultimately, receivables optimisation.


Jirsch Sutherland - Insolvency Intel                                                                     

Your client has just gone bust!

But your boss wants answers - What is the process?  How do we get paid? Can we get our stock back?

Insolvency Intel for Credit Managers, powered by Jirsch Sutherland, is here to deal with these real life scenarios.

Our team are insolvency professionals who work in the insolvency industry every day.  We can INDEPENDENTLY discuss the situation and provide insights from the insolvency practitioners perspective. 

Insolvency Intel is the extra club in your bag. 

Visit our website www.insolvencyintel.com.au, email us on answers@insolvencyintel.com.au or call 1300 265 753 to join (free for AICM members).


Results Legal                                                                                                                                    

Results Legal is a commercial litigation law firm specialising in legal recovery, insolvency law and commercial disputes. Operating nationally, Results Legal focuses on promoting and protecting the rights of trade credit clients. Results Legal regularly acts on behalf of some of Australia’s largest trade credit companies in pursuing legal recovery action, resolving disputed claims, defeating preference claims and promoting and protecting their PPSA rights. Results Legal are the obvious first choice for companies seeking a national solution to resolve commercial disputes and pursue swift, successful and cost effective legal recovery action.



Simplify debt collection and help your customers increase revenue and stop chasing payments.

SpendaCollect is the crown in our payments stack and enables any business to collect debt from any customer. SpendaCollect simplifies debt collection, which helps businesses to increase revenue and reduce the need to chase customers for payments.

All our payment software is AML and KYC compliant and has 2FA security.


Trade Bureaux Australia                                                                                                                                                                           

Business is about Risk Management!

Our primary objective is a forum for a group of industry Credit Personnel to gather and exchange factual information concerning a customer’s ability to pay within the agreed terms. This enables participants to identify early signs of risk within the guidelines.

Understanding the risk of a potential or existing customer experiencing financial stress provides invaluable insight. Having this information allows you to make informed credit decisions about which customers you should extend credit to and ultimately supports the mitigation of the risk of non-payment for business in distress.



TurksLegal is proud to be a National Partner of the AICM supporting professionals within the credit industry. TurksLegal is a specialist commercial law firm with 30 Partners and over 180 staff across our Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle offices. We are proud to look after the interests of trade creditor suppliers and financial institutions particularly in uncertain times such as these. Our services include:

  • Portfolio debt recovery
  • Resolution of complex debt disputes
  • PPSA recovery
  • Defence of unfair preference claims
  • Supply documentation and guarantees