AICMQ is a formal accreditation which can be achieved by companies who follow best practice methods in credit. This accreditation can be displayed on your website and other promotional material to ensure customers identify the high standard of credit processes implemented by your company. This accreditation is recognised not only within Australia but also internationally, with international credit alliances as listed below.

For further information on AICMQ and how to achieve accreditation, please review the below information.




The Australian Institute of Credit Management (AICM) has signed an agreement with its opposite number in the United Kingdom, the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) Europe’s largest professional credit management body, to provide its Quality Accreditation (CICMQ). 

Under this agreement, the AICM will be licenced to use the CICM accreditation process, documentation and intellectual property. Those who qualify will have access to the same resources currently available to holders of the UK CICM Accreditation. 

Granting of the accreditation will be overseen by, and subject to the approval of the CICM, for the purposes of assuring quality and maintaining established standards. Chris Sanders, Head of CICMQ Accreditation, will oversee the collaboration on a day-to-day basis.

AICMQ Accreditation is the formal recognition of your organisation’s commitment to quality, continuous improvement and ‘best practice’ in all things credit. AICMQ is applicable to all sizes of business and across all industries.

To gain the accreditation you must successfully complete an assessment process.  There are two approaches that you can take to this – The ‘Standard Assessment’ or The ‘Workshop approach’.  The Standard Assessment includes initial appraisal of your submitted documentation, a Discovery Assessment and Gap Analysis Report and then followed by the Full Assessment, with a final Full Assessment Report.  The Workshop Approach begins with a launch event to your staff and aims to encourage team participation and development throughout the assessment process.

Assessments are run by our highly qualified and experienced AICMQ Assessors who will guide and support you and your team. In many cases, other CICMQ Accredited organisations (currently UK & EMEA) will also assist you in sharing their knowledge and ‘best practice’ through the CICM ‘Best Practice’ Network – 50+ CICMQ Accredited Companies.

The (6) six key areas of the Credit Department that will be assessed are:

  • Credit Policy
  • Compliance
  • Customer Service
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Performance Measurement
  • Stakeholder Management & Roadmap

Once accredited you will gain an AICMQ Award (with certificate), a comprehensive consultation report outlining areas of best practice as well as recommendations for improvement and you can use the AICMQ logo on your website/literature.  Also, you will be invited to join the CICM ‘Best Practice’ Network of accredited organisations who share knowledge and experience. Finally, you will gain access to the CICM ‘Best Practice’ Library.

Click the link below to download the AICMQ Briefcase Pack

AICM Briefcase Pack - August to November 2015

For further information contact:

AICM Head Office 

: 1300 560 996