If you are getting started in credit or want to enhance your existing credit skills, you may wish to study those units of competence which are designed to support the key principles of credit management: 

  • Processing credit applications
  • Making effective collection calls 
  • Dealing with customers 
  • Monitoring accounts
  • Dealing with financial transactions such as preparing and posting journal entries 
  • Managing risk corporate insolvency/personal insolvency 


The training offered by the AICM is designed by the Credit Profession for Credit Professionals. As the only industry body for Credit Professionals the AICM has unrivaled access to subject matter experts which ensures your learning has real world application.

The ability to take individual units without commitment to complete a full qualification is another unique difference offered by the AICM.

If you are thinking of doing a course with AICM now or in the future, you will find more information on qualifications below: