Brisbane Credit Toolboxes

Credit Toolbox courses are a unique opportunity to learn and refresh on the fundamentals of Credit Management from Credit Professionals with extensive real world experience.

These half day sessions cover the fundamentals of Credit Management with a focus on understanding the core requirements and their real world application.

Courses are presented by Credit Professionals with extensive experience in credit management, are CCE's and/or have held senior roles in many organisations and industries.

The courses have been designed by the AICM's most experienced Credit Management Trainer to ensure all courses cover the fundamentals required to understand what and why credit professionals do what they do.

The are designed for
- New members of credit teams seeking an introduction.
- Established credit professionals seeking a refresher.
- Non-credit professionals seeking to better understand credit

> Toolbox 1 - Introduction to Credit
- Legislation Overview
- Legal Entities
- Procedures
- 5 C's of credit
- Warning signs

> Toolbox 2 - Collect With Confidence
- Making the call
- Documentation
- Securities
- When, why and how to make a call
- Best practice for all call types
> Toolbox 3 - Understanding Credit Risk
- What is Risk Management
- Areas of Risk
- Assessing the Risk
- Fundamentals of Managing Risk
- Managing the Risk

Event Details

  • Date
  • 30 January 2017
  • Address
  • QLD
  • CCE Points
  • 4 points per session


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