Implement Risk Management Face to Face 1 Day Program

Risk management underpins many aspects of credit management. Robust Policies and Procedures ensure risks are managed effectively, and will strengthen sales and ensure legal compliance requirements are adhered to. We usually think about risk management in terms of credit applications and assessing individual credit entities risk. Quality risk assessment requires a thorough understanding as to why Policies and Procedures are created and how they operate on a daily basis, and are sometimes modified. This course addresses the following

  • Identify application of risk management strategies to job role
  • Apply risk management strategies 
  • Identify and propose changes to improve risk management strategies 


Event Details

  • Date
  • 24 February 2016
  • Address
  • 215 Queen St,
  • Venue
  • Tattersalls Club
  • Cost
  • AICM Member: $600
    NON MEMBER: $730