SA - Legislative changes - what credit managers need to know

There has been a steady flow of legislative changes affecting credit professionals and this session will cover what you need to know.

AICM CEO, Nick Pilavidis will speak about recent legislative changes, including the reasons for those changes and how they impact you.  Nick will also cover potential upcoming changes and what the AICM is doing to influence the outcome of those changes.

Topics include:

- Payment times;
- Safe Harbour and ipso facto;
- 1 year bankruptcy reform;
- Phoenix activity;
- ATO defaults;
- Improving preference claim legislation. 

After attending this session, credit professionals will be armed with the relevant information on these issues to be better equipped to assess and reduce credit risk. You will also find out how you can contribute to the outcomes the AICM is pursuing for its members.

Nick has been at the forefront of the AICM’s engagement with the ATO, Treasury, government officials, industry bodies and politicians. These bodies continue to actively seek to understand the experiences of AICM members.  The AICM is actively lobbying members views on issues that aim to shape or reform your ability to identify, mitigate and avoid credit risk. 

Join Nick and the SA Council for this presentation and then networking discussion over refreshments.

Event proudly supported by Mercantile CPA


Event Details

  • Date
  • 29 May 2018
  • Address
  • 190 Flinders Street
  • Venue
  • Lynch Meyer Boardroom
  • Speaker
  • Nick Pilavidis, CEO - AICM
  • Time
  • 4:30pm Registration
  • Cost
  • Members
    $20 (Inc. GST)

    $30 (Inc. GST)
  • CCE Points
  • 1


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