Tas - Insolvency Seminar

This seminar will provide you a full update on what you need to know to minimise your risks as a result of insolvency, with a focus on three areas that have seen dramatic change in recent months:
1. Illegal Phoenix activity

The number of companies engaging in potential illegal phoenix activity is increasing. Find out what you need to know to be able to identify phoenix behaviour early and minimise risks and exposures.
2. Recent changes to the rights of creditors, liquidators and directors

Significant legislative changes have been implemented in the last 12 months changing the landscape for all parties affected by an insolvency. 
This session will focus on what you need to know about:

- The new safe harbour defence available to directors subject to insolvent trading claims,

- Legislation that will deem clauses you may rely on during an insolvency (e.g. ipso facto clauses) void after 1 July 2018

- The draft of changes insolvency law which commenced in 2017

3. Ensuring your security is secure

An ineffective registration on the Personal Property and Securities Register (PPSR) could mean the loss of your property upon an insolvency event. Ineffective registrations are very common and can often be due to simple errors as the PPS rules are comprehensive and confusing. Find out what you need to know about creating effective registrations on the PPSR and minimising your exposure.
Our presenters

Paul Cook of Paul Cook & Associates, is a leading registered Liquidator and Bankruptcy Trustee located in Hobart, Tasmania. With over 30 years of experience in the insolvency industry, he can relate complex insolvency issues to how they affect credit professionals thanks to his extensive understanding of accounting practices, a wealth of relevant experience and excellent knowledge of legal issues relating to insolvencies and bankruptcy. Paul is a respected leader of the industry, he is a life member and past president of the Australian Insolvency Restructuring and Turnaround Association.
Andrew McLellan Director of EDX (Melb) Pty Ltd is a former Insolvency Practitioner who has specialised in PPSR for the last 5 years. The poacher has turned gamekeeper to protect your clients.

EDX was founded in New Zealand over 16 years ago when similar legislation was introduced at that time. EDX has created its own unique PPSR registration software. EDX is a 'one stop shop' for the PPSA. It offers a vast array of services ranging from consulting, to registration to data management.


Event Details

  • Date
  • 11 April 2018
  • Address
  • Marieville Esplanade
    Sandy Bag
  • Venue
  • The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania
  • Time
  • 2:00pm Start
  • Cost
  • $155 (Inc. GST)
  • CCE Points
  • 3


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