Virtual classroom - RTO - Develop and monitor policy and procedures 23rd & 24th March

Credit Managers can use the risk analysis processes to develop sound and visible credit policies as part of the overall business planning cycle. Policies should be developed so that they are used as an everyday tool by credit staff.  They provide guidelines for staff to use in their credit roles.

The risk analysis process provides the opportunity to analyse and evaluate the types of risk that may affect credit and to implement management procedures to treat and minimise the risk.  These may include legal compliance, credit limits, the types of securities that your organisation may require for certain credit limits as well as customer service and complaints.  The risk analysis process will also identify any shortfalls in the quality of the systems within the credit department.  This process offers the opportunity for continuous improvement that supports the function of the credit department in both the credit role and for internal and external customer service. It is then up to the credit manager to ensure that the Credit Policy is communicated to all staff and that it remains current and viable in today’s changing environment.

Outcomes covered within this unit:

How to identify business policy and procedure requirements and the risk management context which relates to the policies and procedures

  • Research techniques to inform the development of the policies and procedures and the use of these research skills to identify credit risk
  • Utilising credit risk analysis methodology, draft policies and procedures which will enable the treatment of the identified credit risk(s)
  • How to develop an implementation strategy so that the policies and procedures are effectively communicated to all personnel to ensure the application of the policies and procedures
  • Methods for the monitoring and review of the success of the policies and procedures in the treatment of credit risk management.


Participants that undertake and successfully complete the assessment requirements for FNSORG502 Develop and monitor policy and procedures which is a Core unit from the FNS51515 Diploma of Credit Management will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.

To access the virtual classrooms, all you need is a device with internet, audio and preferably video capability e.g. a Smartphone, laptop or PC.

The virtual classrooms will deliver the same content and structure with the following modifications to maximise interaction with the facilitator and participants:

-        Sessions limited to 10 participants

-        Additional breaks, so you can refresh and stretch

-        Additional time and support for those attending a virtual classroom for the first time.

Don’t forget this means you can attend the sessions from the comfort of your business or home office.    

Event Details

  • Date
  • 23 March 2021
  • Address
  • Virtual classroom
  • Venue
  • Online
  • Speaker
  • Toni Sawyer
  • Time
  • 12:30pm - 4.30pm
  • Cost
  • MEMBER $750.00
    NON-MEMBER $950.00
  • CCE Points
  • 10


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