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Training - Where to start?

Created: 12 May 2021
Created: Donna
What would be the best plan of attack for someone that has had no formal training and has just learnt the basic AR functions on the job. 13 95 Read   

Ariba for Suppliers?

Created: 30 April 2021
Created: Lisa
Is or has anyone dealt with Ariba for invoicing? they wont take NO for an answer and insist that we sign up/register to their system in order for our invoices to be paid. I have been advised by our IT Systems Manager that… 10 105 Read   

Credit Policy & Procedure information

Created: 23 April 2021
Created: Ralph
Hi Networkers, Whilst I am aware of the basic requirements of a credit policy & procedure. Could anyone point me to a website? that could provide an overall written guide/understanding on all facets to consider. I know this… 6 112 Read   


Created: 13 April 2021
Created: Warren
What is the permitted/accepted timeframe a Supplier can bill you for a service? Is there a legal time limit for late billing? 2 85 Read   

Director Guarantees

Created: 06 April 2021
Created: Raymond
If a director of a company signs a guarantee and indemnity attached to a commercial credit for a company he/she is working for and years later due to changes in responsibilities they ask for retraction of their being a… 6 114 Read