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PPS Register Accounts

Created: 16 December 2011
Created: Debbie
I have only just heard that there is a trial account that you can sign up to to see how the register will work? Has anyone had experience with it? How do I go about signing up for it? 2 309 Read   

professional associations

Created: 15 December 2011
Created: Karl
What professional associations and/or groups do credit professionals find valuable to be a member of and why? 1 169 Read   

Application forms

Created: 14 December 2011
Created: Scott
More often than Not a completed application form is returned from Potential clients via Fax or scanned and emailed. Are these methods sufficient for such contracts or is the original required 3 308 Read   


Created: 08 December 2011
Created: Brendan
Does anyone currently accept Cheques at Point Of Sale and are there any issues they are facing with this. I am insterested to hear how you manage cheque tender @ POS. What agreements (if any) do you sign these customers into… 4 231 Read   

Personal Guarantees/Bankruptcy

Created: 04 December 2011
Created: Mark
Hi. My question is, can a creditor still claim under a personal guarantee if the customer is bankrupt? 3 335 Read