2020 saw so many firsts for all of us. It was a year of opportunity to demonstrate how credit professionals can adapt their activities to ensure they continue to attain the underlying performance requirements of their roles.

With that in mind welcome to our first annual review which showcases your Institute's work to support you, who we are and our strategic plan for the future.

Central to AICM's formation some 80+ years ago was a goal to promote the importance of the credit professional to all sectors of society and clearly articulate the need for continued investment in those who provide the essential service of credit. In a year when adapting was the key mantra of many organisations, your AICM has achieved significant steps forward on this mission.

We plan to release an annual review each year and seek your feedback on what you would like included in the report and what information you believe will add value to our message to employers, the government and other stakeholders on the importance of credit professionals.