There’s no getting away from it: conferences are an expense and they mean time away from the office. Your boss isn’t likely to be swayed by your lifelong dream of visiting Sea World, so it’s time to bring out the big guns. A good conference is worth its cost many times over, so here are five facts you need to explain the commercial benefit of your attendance.

1. It will help you ensure legal compliance

Penalties for failing to comply with complicated and ever-changing credit law are steep. Individuals face penalties of up to $220,000 and two years' imprisonment. But all that's a matter for your lawyer, right? Wrong.

Lawyers are not always easy on the pocket, so James Neate, Partner at Lynch Meyer Lawyers, and Peter Mills, Special Counsel at Thomson Geer Lawyers, will host the session ‘10 things a lawyer won’t tell you but you need to know’ – including how to save serious money by carefully briefing your lawyer, and when you can go it alone without a lawyer. It’s all about saving your business money and making the best recovery.

Joseph Scarcella from Ashurst will also provide practical tips for maximising recoveries, as well as balancing getting paid with having a clean and accurate credit file, in ‘What to do when it all goes wrong’.

2. You’ll become a risk management star

The Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016 is certain to impact creditors, so Robyn Erskine, Partner at Brooke Bird Restructuring, Turnaround and Insolvency, will discuss the legislation, how to best manage your risk and the new roles for creditors in this new insolvency landscape.

Other risk management sessions include ‘The importance of early intervention in a proactive risk management strategy’, ‘Problem solving: the number one skill you will need to thrive in the future’, and ‘Ways to curb phoenix activity’ – all of these sessions focus on systems improvements.

3. You'll get up to speed on regulatory changes

The credit industry operates in a constantly shifting legislative environment, so it pays to learn from the industry's best when it comes to regulation changes. New laws will impact your dealings with small business from November, and ASIC Senior Manager Boyd Honor will take you through the extension of unfair contracts legislation to small business and the penalties you will face if non-compliant.

Recent developments in insolvency and case law will also be discussed, with a focus on how credit managers can improve their strategies for recovery and, crucially, avoid unfair preference claims. The goalposts have moved and you need to know where

4. You’ll be a better manager

The first half-day of the conference is called the Leadership Forum for very good reasons. While the entire conference has been crafted for credit managers, this first session is tailored for those who can benefit from the best team-leading skills.

Leadership experts will not only help you hone your skills as a leader, they will also discuss how you can ensure that the business as a whole gains the most value possible from your credit team.

5. Meet new suppliers, find new solutions

As well as being the largest gathering of credit professionals in Australia, the AICM National Conference offers the opportunity to see new products, meet new suppliers and your current suppliers all in the one place at the one time: the AICM National Conference Expo. You’ll make contacts who have new solutions, and return to the office with the tools and knowledge you need to lead your organisation.

Covering risk management, skills updates, legislation compliance, industry tips, tactics, tools and talent, the AICM National Conference will prepare you to implement changes that will impact the bottom line.

The 2016 AICM National Conference takes place on 12 October 2016 at Sea World Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland.

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