We asked credit professionals who attended last year's AICM National Conference what they learnt and how they've applied it to their day-to-day business. Here's what they said.

David Hunt MICM CCE
Fujifilm Australia, National Credit Manager
Last year saw us spoilt with a great presentation from ASIC and the ATO. Comments from senior panel members on the state of the economy were particularly enlightening. It's actually hard to find yourself not using the information received during the conference. Geoffrey MacDonald's presentation on Effective Terms of Trade, in particular, provided me with some great ideas for improving our terms and processes.

Karl Hill
Results Legal, Partner
I learnt just how much of an impact the challenging market conditions are having on trade credit businesses and, in particular, credit departments. This information led us to work more closely with our trade credit clients, supporting them in this challenging period. Gaining practical insights as to the market conditions and the broader trade credit landscape assists our team to provide better advice and assistance to our clients.

Rhys Buzza MICM
Reece Pty Ltd, Group Credit Manager
I picked up a number of different strategies in regard to leadership, as well as practical solutions available to implement with staff immediately. The conference always provides me with the tools I need to better manage my team and myself – it motivates me to seek out further learning opportunities and continually improve.

Joe Losinno MICM
Ruralco Holdings Ltd, Credit Manager
Last year's conference taught me about the continually changing landscape of the credit world, from legal changes to the challenges credit managers face every day. It gave me the opportunity to build my knowledge on all aspects of credit, and the networking is also brilliant. The people I meet and the learnings from the seminars allow me to grow as a credit professional every year.

Georgia Barbera MICM CCE
Rocla Pipeline Products, National Credit Manager
At last year's conference I learnt all facets of credit management, with a specific focus on the changing payment trends and the Fintech evolution, with its non-traditional assessment. This is key learning for all those who deal with SMEs. As a result, I've adopted change in my style of management and broadened my ideas with technology and change – it's about working effectively with the right people and the right tools.

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The 2016 AICM National Conference, sponsored by Veda and supported by Austral, takes place on 12 October 2016 at Sea World Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland.

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