Presented to the CCE luncheon at the Canberra National Conference on Wednesday 11 October by CCE Director, Trevor Goodwin LICM, CCE

At its time of introduction in 1998 the Certified Credit Executive program was the most significant development for members in the past decade. The program's implementation would allow credit professionals to unlock their full potential and gain full reward for their efforts and achievements and enhance their professional growth and career aspirations.
The lead up to the CCE commenced with initial discussion and planning way back in 1994 following discussion with the credit industry bodies in the UK and USA who had a similar professional program. The plan was to see the "CCE integrate fully with the Education Portfolio".

Major players and key drivers during the next few years prior to its commencement were Steve Thomas, from Western Australia along with Maurie Marchant of Victoria. Steve Mitchinson and Gerry Canavagh from W.A. also put a lot of work in to get the CCE program implemented.Trevor Goodwin.JPG

During the 1997 year it all began to ramp up. The CCE program was designed in detail, branded, promoted and marketed. Decisions were made on the format and design of certificates and the exam questions were written. All members of the Institute were written to by the President at that time, Steven Barratt, inviting them to participate in the CCE.
The program's aim was to be the Institute's pinnacle award and provide recognition and creditability to the credit professional. It was to be the mark of excellence in Credit Management. The CCE designation was promoted to provide professional recognition to credit executives in the credit and financial industry, to certify their expertise, provide greater career security and career prestige and national respect amongst their peers. It was badged as "Unlock Your Full Potential – Become a CCE".

The first exam was held in 1998 at the National Conference at West Point Casino in Hobart. Ironically it was held at the casino as was a gamble for our first CCE credit professionals to take the risk of embarrassing themselves by not passing the first exam. There were19 brave souls who sat the exam at the Hobart National Conference. An additional 15 who did not attend the conference sat the exam in their home State. Interestingly, Steve Thomas had to wait a year to sit the exam because he had helped set it up with TAFE in WA for the first exam.

Steve a few years later organised the introduction of a Dux Award through National Credit Insurance (Brokers). Today NCI remains the sponsor of the Award which is the bottle of Grange.

And so we have the CCE as it stands today because of the foresight and vision of our senior Credit Professionals /Board members of the day.

As CCE's we should all be proud of our standing in the Institute and amongst our peers.

As Gerry Cavanagh wrote in the Credit management magazine in 1998 "The best time to think of your future is today" Become a Certified Credit Executive.


December 2017