Are you tired of dealing with last minute urgent tasks foisted on you and your team by other areas of the organisation?

You want the organisation to succeed so you and your team work hard and late to complete these tasks.

There is a cost though. Your team's energy is depleted, other tasks don't get done (usually yours), the stress levels are very high and that's just in the short term.

In the long term, your team doesn't get to complete its own projects, people burn out, people leave. Sound familiar?

The solution is the shift from reactivity to proactivity. Instead of reacting to the urgent requests of other areas of the organisation, the key is to be proactively connected to them so that you know what is occurring now and what each area is aiming to achieve in the future. That way you can anticipate the demands on your team and plan accordingly, influence the success of other's projects through your expert knowledge and deliver that success in a manner that means your team are energised and inspired by the experience.

Metaphor time – It's just like trees growing in the forests, they don't grow independently, they actually need each other and they are connected by the Mycelium (fungal strands) in the soil. Incredibly, the trees use this mycelium network to exchange nutrients and help each other to grow. So the shift from reactive to proactive can take place if you:
1) grow the strands between your team and other teams in the organisation at multiple levels and
2) effectively communicate that you wish to be involved earlier in projects that will effect your team, that way you will deliver more effectively on their needs and help them to deliver success.

You will then experience the nutrient exchange and your own team's projects will become more successfully delivered as well.

This also applies to you if your team is customer facing, the more embedded and connected with your customer you are, the more proactive you can be. If you are curious to know more about mycelium – nature's internet – then make time to watch "6 ways mushrooms can save the world" 18 minute video here.

*Adrian Heath is Director of Evolution Learning. He partners with major Australian and international companies, teams and individuals to enable them to achieve their true potential.

Adrian will be speaking at the National Conference as part of the Leadership Forum

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