By Beth Gray FICM CCE*

Many AICM members use SAP in their businesses and may have challenges with the system or are not utilising it to its full capacity, therefore we have asked Beth Gray, Director of SAP Users Pty Ltd to put together a regular column.

Beth is a CCE and experienced Credit Professional. For optimal performance and engagement, she is always looking for ways to improve the tools with which she has to work. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and learning from others, which inspired her to develop the SAP User Group. The SAP User Group is a demonstration of how a business can utilise the experiences and knowledge of Credit Managers across different industries to optimise their performance and “know how’”of SAP.

SAP software tip:

Your master data is key. "Know who you are dealing with". Ensure you have quality correct customer master data. Having your customer master data correct with the appropriate fields populated, sets you up for success.

Fully utilising the capabilities provided within SAP, results in efficiencies and correct information feeding through to the relevant transactions. This will definitely support day-to-day processing, which then flows through for accurate reporting. Be consistent with the format of the data entered in your search fields, and this format should be noted in your procedures manual. Uniformity of procedures across all platforms in business is crucial to managing risk.

If there is something you would like featured, or want to know, or if you have a great tip to share, please contact SAP Users and we will publish another tip next issue.

Get the best out of your credit team and empower them. Are you optimising all the fields and efficiencies available in SAP? Have you explored the full functionality of SAP? Do you fully utilise the SAP functions to improve the credit risk management of your business? Learn what reports and search functionalities are available.


Use the power of networking, join the SAP User Group. Enhance your day-to-day work by benchmarking for best in class processes and procedures.

Beth Gray FICM CCE is Director of SAP Users Pty Ltd

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