AICM National Partners Webinar Series - Recording

PPSR Update Webinar supported by Equifax

The AICM and Equifax invite you to join Kim Powell, Co-founder of EDX for this webinar recording to help you understand what commonly causes PPS registrations to fail and how to find and address these problems. Join us to hear more about how to identify grantors correctly, how to describe your goods effectively, when you should register and more.

If you or your team register on the PPSR you will know by now that the terms and rules are confusing and that the “devil is in the detail”. There have been a number of headline grabbing court cases where secured parties failed to protect their rights and lost out as a consequence. There are a far greater number of smaller instances where the secured party has made a mistake and the case is not worth fighting. Add to this the fact that some insolvency practitioners have a culture of “reject everything” and you will see that all hinges on getting it right.
Kim Powell is a co-founder of EDX and has specialised in PPSA consultancy and registration services since similar legislation was introduced in New Zealand in 2001/2002. He is a former receiver and liquidator with expertise in enforcing, taking and managing security.

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