Why should I join the AICM is a question many people ask when talking about their career and involvement in the credit industry. Despite most members being extremely passionate about the AICM and the credit industry, the answers are often simple and along the lines of ‘We have a great magazine and a great conference’.

Brett Jeffery, General Manager of New Zealand the Australian Society of Association Executives says “everybody should and needs to join a member organisation. If you are interested in strengthening your network, furthering your career, professional networking organisations can be a great option for you. In addition to providing information about your chosen field, membership organisations can enhance your personal and professional development and provide endless networking opportunities.”

The challenge we face is how to grow the recognition of Credit Management as a profession and help credit professionals develop and advance in their careers.  The AICM is making great leaps in achieving this goal but the short answer is every new member of the AICM takes us another step closer.  As members join for their own development and they add to the voice of the industry and the reach of the AICM is amplified.  

A core value of AICM membership is the learning and insights you gain to help grow your organisation, however if members and prospective members joined for personal responsibility and had the mindset of JFK “ask not what your   country  institute  can do for you — ask what you can do for your country institute" the AICM’s strength and standing would multiply.

Some great reasons to join and use AICM membership include: 

Take charge of your career:  Membership opens doors to all levels of training and education from entry level to continuing professional development and allows you to map out your career in credit.  Using AICM post nominals “MICM” (member of the AICM) and “CCE” (Certified Credit Executive) on email signatures, business cards and LinkedIn profiles demonstrate your standing as a credit professional.

Enhance your network:  Making connections and knowing the right people is critical in credit, and the AICM provides countless opportunities to connect on a local, national and even global level. Creating professional relationships is important and provides you with a sense of security and trust. From this, members support and help one another in reaching professional goals while always working to benefit your employer organisation.

Become a mentor and give back: Ask ‘what can I do’, as giving back can be the greatest reward and benefit. You would be surprised what return comes from this and often you make some great friends with the same interests as you. This can range from opportunities where you contribute your experience to the growth and development of the AICM in roles on Division Councils, making presentations or writing articles, to simply completing a survey in a newsletter, voicing support for our lobbying or just encouraging a non-member to join or to attend an event. 

If every member took just one action a month to contribute to the credit industry imagine the benefits that would flow in return!

Strength in numbers: We live in an age where establishing a credible presence in any career demands long working hours, even taking work home. You may have ideas for cultivating partnerships, yet don’t want the responsibility nor have the time to organise it. AICM’s core focus is to connect credit professionals, to attend an event and experience the support system offered by other experienced people who can motivate and help.

Be a leader: If you aspire to be a highly effective leader, a role on a Divisional Council is one of the best ways to develop your skills and your professional standing. It is a unique opportunity to work with other like minded people and achieve goals for personal and industry growth.

Learning best practices: Credit management requires a host of specific best practice skills. Whether you are experienced or new to the game, ignorance of best practices can pose a serious business and reputation risk. Membership of the AICM provides numerous forums for promulgating industry-wide best practices on risk management and to ensure legal compliance your organisation needs to be at the top of your game!

The list of reasons to join or become more involved in the AICM goes on. Our website and membership brochure are full of other membership benefits… but the most important response to the question “Why should I join the AICM” should be “why don’t you join the AICM?”as there are multitude of reasons to  join  and help make the credit industry great!

Published 08 Jan 2018