2019 Webinars

PPSR is over 7 years old and many businesses are now enjoying the benefits of PPS compliance.  Join us to discuss the various options for automating the process with Malcolm Poslinsky of EDX.

It's time to take the stress out of registrations, improve efficiency and streamline PPSR with your credit management systems and processes.   

Find out how online credit account applications can improve your account opening processes with time savings and better risk decisions. PPSR processing can be integrated to reduce the risk of error or forgetting to register at all.

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Trading with trusts is based on fundamental principles established via case law. These principles have been clarified through the recent high court decision in ‘Amerind’.

Pieter Oomens, Managing Partner of TurksLegal will highlight these principles and how the Amerind decision can give you more confidence in the principles.

Pieter Oomens is the Managing Partner of TurksLegal, with 40 years of experience dealing with commercial disputes and insolvency administrations.

Pieter’s clients have spanned a number of sectors including insurance, banking, manufacturing and construction. His expertise in insolvency law is reflected in the fact that he has represented several leading insolvency practitioners.

Pieter has been involved in a number of leading cases spanning many years and a diverse range of topics.

Since 1998 he has been accredited with the NSW Law Society as a specialist in commercial litigation. He has also been an examiner for the Commercial Litigation Law section of the NSW Law Society’s Specialist Accreditation Board.

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Cashflow is the lifeblood of a business, so it’s important to make sure it’s being optimised. It’s a key driver of working capital, which allows businesses to settle their debts, buffer against future challenges, reinvest in the business and maximise shareholder value. Businesses not effectively managing their cash conversion cycle may experience pressure with funding day-to-day operations, and aged receivables may be impacted.  

In this webinar, Toni Morrow, Product Manager at Equifax, will explain how to use trade payment information to manage risk in your portfolio and how this can have a tangible impact on cash flow.

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2018 Webinars

AICM members are reporting a recent increase in demands from liquidators to return payments received prior to the insolvency of customers.
Daniel Turk, Partner & Practice Head of Commercial Disputes at TurksLegal, will discuss the steps you should take to limit your losses to what hasn’t been paid.
This webinar will cover:

- The elements that make a payment subject to a Preference Claim
- Steps you can take to minimise the risk of payments being deemed a preference
- Defences you can employ to defend a claim when you receive one
- Latest case law to assist creditors

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2018 brought a raft of change impacting Consumer and Commercial Credit Professionals.
In this session Matt Strassberg, GM External Relations, Australia & New Zealand| Equifax will cover what you need to know about;

- What the Banking Royal Commission will mean to credit providers
- The implementation of Director Identification Numbers
- Comprehensive Credit Reporting Legislation
- The potential Open Banking can bring. 

Plus what to expect in the New Year. 
The webinar will include a Q&A session facilitated by AICM CEO Nick Pilavidis.


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Are you at risk of losing your PPSR protection?

In January 2019, many thousands of PPS registrations will expire unless lenders and suppliers renew them. Without a current PPS registration, your security interest may not be enforceable.

If you are responsible for registering, updating and managing your company’s PPS registrations, this is a must-attend webinar!  In this session, industry expert Kim Powell from EDX will look at some of the traps to avoid when renewing PPS registrations and have you thinking about whether:

  • - Your transitional registrations are still valid
  • - You have the right customer details for PPSR
  • - You are renewing invalid registrations
  • - A manual process is the right approach.

Kim has specialised in PPSA consultancy and registration services since it was introduced in New Zealand in 2001/2002. Kim was a former receiver and liquidator before “jumping the fence” to the good side to support businesses enforce, take and manage security.


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If you supply physical goods on credit terms, you should attend this webinar!

The PPSA was introduced to help even the ‘playing field’ between unsecured creditors and secured creditors on the insolvency of a customer.  For many unsecured creditors, the insolvency of a customer meant the loss of most, if not all their debt, whilst facing the potential of preferential payment claims for payments they were able to extract prior to insolvency.

 The historical notion of Retention of Title meant little, with insolvency practitioner’s routinely ruling out supplier’s claims.

Since the introduction of the PPSA, legislative backing for Retention of Title is now provided, yet so few suppliers consider it worthwhile.  Why?

In this session, former insolvency practitioner and experienced advisor on the PPSA, Simon Read (EDX) will challenge the lack of supplier compliance with examples of the very significant benefits the PPSA can provide. Using actual case studies of his client’s experiences with the PPSA, Simon will answer the usual question of ‘why should I bother with the PPSA?’

By attending this session you will also learn:

  • - What types of goods are best protected by the PPSA;
  • - The benefit of the ‘proceeds’ claim;
  • - Why the PPSA makes such commercial sense


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When it comes to signing up a new customer, an initial check to understand the risk they pose to your business is important.  Nobody wants any nasty surprises down the track!

But more often than not, it’s the process of regularly checking your customer portfolio for any changes where many businesses come unstuck.

Circumstances can change quickly in business, so having your finger on the pulse around any changes to your customer is invaluable for robust risk mitigation.

In this session, David Jovanov from Equifax will share insights into ways your business can harness predictive data to better manage your customer portfolio, minimise bad debt and drive your collection prioritisation activities

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The Australian Government recently announced a package of proposed reforms to combat illegal phoenix activity. The proposals aim to target those repeatedly misusing corporate structures and the individual’s involved in illegal phoenixing.

In this session, Michael Criss from Equifax will outline the proposed reforms and explain in simple terms what they mean. He will also discuss the differences between legitimate and illegal phoenix activity and the importance of understanding the credit risk posed by directors of a new business which has been created by directors of a failing or failed company.

Michael is the Senior Product Manager for commercial organisations at Equifax, helping clients understand the changing market and how best to leverage both existing and new capabilities to gain a competitive edge.


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Membership of the AICM unlocks a vast array of opportunities to advance your career, develop your team and add value to your company.

The AICM has over 80 year’s experience in assisting members with their careers. Our knowledge is sourced from industry leaders who’ve given back as they’ve grown through their involvement with the AICM.

CEO Nick Pilavidis takes you through the benefits of membership, training and being involved. Nick uses real life examples of members who’ve leveraged their membership in their careers and who’ve become passionate AICM ambassadors.

Your takeaway from the webinar will be a clear understanding of member benefits plus how to take your career to the next level.

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2017 Webinars

In this webinar Brian Morgan and Matt Tipper from Rimilia will discuss how automation of the cash allocation process can bring about a host of benefits for your credit department. Using a case study of successful implementation of Alloc8 cash into Veolia, Brian and Matt demonstrate how automation solves a number of operational challenges which include:

            - Reduction in un-allocated cash
            - Reduction in associated costs
            - Increase in speed and efficiency of allocating cash
            - Reduction in errors
            - Knock on benefit of increased collections and improved customer service 
            - Improvement in Audit and control


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To grow and compete in business today, Credit Managers are under pressure to implement new ways to do more, with less. For credit departments it means adopting a more effective operating model that results in better policies, fewer human processes and errors, and ultimately lower costs.
Automating the online credit application process offers many tangible benefits for businesses, such as receiving correctly completed applications, significant time savings, and an improved customer experience.
In this webinar David Jovanov from Equifax will explore how an online application process can help grow your business, speed up application processing times, improve the consistency of credit decisions and create various front and back-end work flow efficiencies.

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The Federal Privacy Act (1988) and Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 shape what can be provided as part of a credit report.
In this webinar, Michael Criss from Equifax will explore the different levels of information available in a business credit report, from company information, to directors and their related entities.  He will also explain the role of credit enquiries and defaults, and how they contribute to shaping a credit report and score.
Michael is the Senior Product Manager for commercial originations at Equifax, helping clients understand the changing market and how best to leverage both existing and new capabilities to gain a competitive edge.

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The AICM and Equifax invite you to register for this webinar which will simplify some of the complexities around beneficial ownership, shareholdings and how to easily interpret complex corporate structures.

To fully understand the risk involved in extending credit to an organisation it is necessary to understand an organisation’s structure and the individuals behind it. In this webinar we will explore the various types of company structures established in Australia and where you can find this, and beneficial ownership information and beneficial ownership quickly and easily.

Our host for this session is Richard Atkinson. Richard has over 25 years of experience in the Financial Services sector both in the UK and Australia. He is currently responsible for Anti-Money Laundering and Commercial Information Products at Equifax.

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PPSR Update Webinar supported by Equifax

The AICM and Equifax invite you to join Kim Powell, Co-founder of EDX for this webinar recording to help you understand what commonly causes PPS registrations to fail and how to find and address these problems. Join us to hear more about how to identify grantors correctly, how to describe your goods effectively, when you should register and more.

If you or your team register on the PPSR you will know by now that the terms and rules are confusing and that the “devil is in the detail”. There have been a number of headline grabbing court cases where secured parties failed to protect their rights and lost out as a consequence. There are a far greater number of smaller instances where the secured party has made a mistake and the case is not worth fighting. Add to this the fact that some insolvency practitioners have a culture of “reject everything” and you will see that all hinges on getting it right.
Kim Powell is a co-founder of EDX and has specialised in PPSA consultancy and registration services since similar legislation was introduced in New Zealand in 2001/2002. He is a former receiver and liquidator with expertise in enforcing, taking and managing security.

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2016 Webinars

The economy – Where the bloody hell are we?
2017 will start with a new US President, more Chinese economic uncertainty, what looks to be a solid rise in commodity prices and the drawn out process of Brexit hurting both the UK and Europe. Amongst this, growth is solid, inflation appears to be edging up and markets are pricing for US rate hikes which is driving global bond yields higher.
In Australia, we have the proverbial multi-speed economy continuing to unfold. Housing construction is strong, but is this creating a glut? Are house prices poised to slump? Mining investment is in free-fall, but previous investment is driving a surge in exports. The government still wants a budget surplus but is setting a framework for a boost to infrastructure spending. Consumers are caught in the middle – feeling wealthy as house prices rise but cash strapped on the back of record low wages growth and a trend to part-time work. Can they increase spending whilst this is the case?
All the while inflation is stuck below the RBA target band and the RBA is happy to leave rates at the current record low of 1.5%.
Where to in 2017 for the economy, interest rates and the Australian dollar.


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As a Credit Professional, you use customer related information to make sound credit decisions, but are you doing enough to detect fraud before goods are shipped, bad debts are incurred and money is spent trying to recover the loss?

Chris Torenbeek, one of Veda’s Fraud & Identity Specialists, explains how fraud is moving beyond financial institutions, and how an increase of fraudulent activity in the trade credit sector has been enabled by the adoption of automated processes and lax verification of identity.

Chris has assisted hundreds of organisations to meet their obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing Act. He is a trusted advisor to risk, compliance and credit managers looking to introduce best practice ‘Know Your Customer’ programs to avoid fraud or unnecessary risk in financial dealings with customers.

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Stephen Koukoulas, Economic Adviser to Dun & Bradstreet, presented this webinar in which Stephen shares his thoughts on the Febdral Budget and election in the context of the mixed economic factors and results such as: 
- a nice lift in commodity prices,
- good export volumes,
- falling unemployment rate vs still moderate retail sales,
- a slowing in housing (from a high base) and
- fair news (not hot or cold) from the global economy.

Thanks to the support of Dun and Bradstreet these quarterly webinars are complimentary to all members. 

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For Retention of Title suppliers, creating effective registrations on the PPSR is critical to achieving priority if a customer goes into liquidation.

The PPS rules can be confusing, meaning many suppliers create ineffective registrations and expose themselves to the risk of losing their goods.

In this webinar, you will hear what the most common PPSR errors are across ROT suppliers, based on market compliance reviews conducted by EDX, part of the Veda Group. The issues discussed will give you a better understanding of how to protect   your interests when insolvency practitioners reject your claim.  
Kim Powell is a co-founder of EDX and has specialised in PPSA consultancy and registration services since similar legislation was introduced in New Zealand in 2001/2002. He is a former receiver and liquidator with expertise in enforcing, taking and managing security.

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