The Insights from credit industry leaders series will contain 3 webinars leveraging the AICM's network to present a range of experiences, tips and predictions to ensure you are informed with the current best practice for managing your credit function amid COVID-19.

The panels will cover a range of topics with opinions from credit, legal, insolvency and technology professionals.

Topics will evolve with each session and based on the latest news including: 
- Areas of increased credit risk
- Short and long term expectations and how to prepare
- Examples of best practice
- Mental Health
- Customer behaviours
- Flexible working arrangements/return to the office

 Daniel round.jpg
Daniel Turk MICM
Practice Head - Commercial,

Eric round.jpg
Eric Maisonhaute MICM
Director - Account Receivable
Solutions, Esker

 fiona round.jpg
Fiona Doherty MICM CCE
AICM QLD Councillor & Credit Manager, Hanson Construction

gail round.jpg
Gail Crowder MICM

SA Director & Executive Director, Credit Solutions

Malcolm round.jpg
Malcolm Field MICM

SV Partners