If you supply physical goods on credit terms, you should attend this webinar!

The PPSA was introduced to help even the ‘playing field’ between unsecured creditors and secured creditors on the insolvency of a customer.  For many unsecured creditors, the insolvency of a customer meant the loss of most, if not all their debt, whilst facing the potential of preferential payment claims for payments they were able to extract prior to insolvency.

 The historical notion of Retention of Title meant little, with insolvency practitioner’s routinely ruling out supplier’s claims.

Since the introduction of the PPSA, legislative backing for Retention of Title is now provided, yet so few suppliers consider it worthwhile.  Why?

In this session, former insolvency practitioner and experienced advisor on the PPSA, Simon Read (EDX) will challenge the lack of supplier compliance with examples of the very significant benefits the PPSA can provide. Using actual case studies of his client’s experiences with the PPSA, Simon will answer the usual question of ‘why should I bother with the PPSA?’

By attending this session you will also learn:

  • - What types of goods are best protected by the PPSA;
  • - The benefit of the ‘proceeds’ claim;
  • - Why the PPSA makes such commercial sense


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