In the lead up to the 2020 YCPA, join us and a panel of past winners to see where they are now, the lessons and insights gained in their careers, how they maximise their value to their employers and the ‘WHIFM’ (what’s in it for me) in applying.

The YCPA program is the largest and most prestigious Youth Credit Award program in Australia and provides opportunities for young credit professionals to gain recognition for themselves and their employer. 

For the past 23 years, the AICM has supported, developed and recognised young professionals within the industry with the YCP Award.


Past winners - 02:30

Panelists - 03:53

Why did you enter the YCPA? -  11:20

What is your current role and how has the YCP program helped your career? - 20:40

What did you take out of the YCPA program? - 31:00

What do you think made you successful? - 42:00

What are your tips for entering? - 52:00