AICM learners who undertake a qualification are supported through the provision of learning resources, such as online resources, readings and textbooks, advice and guidance on the preparation of assessments.

Further support

Potential learners who have any health conditions, physical or learning disabilities, or a skills deficit, that may make it difficult to undertake a learning program may require reasonable adjustment to learning needs, and should notify the National Office as soon as possible. Please download Learning @ AICM for complete information about AICM's Learner Support. 

Accessing your Learning Record Online

If you need to access your student record or upload an assessment from a face-to-face course please download the Online Learning Assessment Only Guide.

Appeals & complaints procedures

All complaints and appeals are dealt with promptly in accordance with AICM Learning Services grievance procedures. These procedures provide for all matters to be dealt with in a prompt and confidential manner and are anchored in the principles of alternate dispute resolution. The six step procedure provides an effective strategy for the appropriate resolution of the complaint or appeal.

Rights and obligations of learners

Learners are to be provided with support and assistance in completing their assessments.

They must advise their assessor or AICM Learning Services office promptly if they experience any difficulties or problems.

Learners must complete the assessment process if they are seeking a qualification or a Statement of Attainment Learners will be provided with feedback on the assessment as to whether they are competent or not yet competent.  If not yet competent, they are to be given advice on how competence may be achieved.

All assessments should be submitted online.

Learners must request in writing (email: ) for an assessment submission extension time (when needed).

Learners who do not submit an assessment within 12 months of completing the training component of their course must provide evidence confirming that they have maintained the currency of their skills, knowledge and expertise.

Learners must inform AICM of any changes or update to personal details.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Change of address
  • Change of name
  • Change of email address

(this is one of the most important details that we keep on file.  If we do not have your current and correct email address you will not receive important notifications, updates, reminders or email messages. We rely on learners to provide us with the correct contact details.